4:28 PM

I just realized now that I lost my blogroll? OMGosh sorry. 

Again I'm not the one working on improving my layout guys, because seriously, I'm really kind of slow when it comes to HTML, so I left the work to the experts (Kristine and my bf's friend Neil.. hey thanks:) and didn't realize that that element went AWOL somehow. Sorry :(

I'm gonna add back the blogroll myself,  do comment on this post anyway so I can be sure to include your blog.

Oh and please don't forget to follow CITT ('FOLLOW' tab to the side, still) if you like watchu see.:)

Just adding in the last outfit shots from my short vacay... Yeah, I wore a maxi dress with Boticelli-ish cherubs (a rare feat to get me into a long skirt, no less), ditched the platforms for my Havaianas and Fushus (egad!), stopped to pet some cute pups on sale on the street, went to the beach, wore a crazy python shirt, and laughed my a** off to the city's top caliber comedians.

I can't wait to take a vacation again! Haha. Will be bloghopping in the morning:) xx

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  1. ohmahgawd fedzy! i LOVE the maxidress and denim blazer outfit. HOT.

    swing by kathi folds five sometime?

  2. Love your photos as always! Those puppies are so cute! Love the second outfit!! :)

    <3 Kelly

  3. It´s rare indeed that you´re wearing a maxi and flats. Don´t worry, you still look good! :)

    Besos from here,


  4. I never could understand html myself. *shudder* Seemed so complicated. Good luck with the blog layout!

  5. you look great in that long skirt! very bohemian but still tough w/ that jacket you added.

    good luck in recovering your blogroll! i can imagine what a hassle it must be. :/

    boat ride through the sky

  6. Nice dress!! You look great as ush! Shouldv brought those puppies they are adorableee baby basti needs a friend :(((

  7. the long skirt with that studded vest is sooo you eden! wearing flip-flops with it adds a touch of boho to the edgy it!!!!

    just in case you won't remember me(hehe!), add me to your blogroll puh-lease! :D

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥ 

  8. Thanks to Kristine for the layout..she did a great for me...I am leaving everything to my brother...we still haven't discussed about the mapping between my wordpress account and my domain site...hahahha!!!!

    but leave it to him...

    it was weird seeing you in a dress except for the lovely dress you wore last time....

    but this one is just one of the best vacay outfits ever!!!

    You always bring out the edgy Eden in you...

    Take care always
    much love

  9. i've always wanted to try the maxi dress + denim vest look but it's been raining like crazy here in manila so i just can't fulfill it but you really loooooooooook good! enjoy the rest of ur vacay, love xx

  10. will see you hopefully soon! my project's sched is soooo erratic now I dunno when I'm gonna leave manila for cebu. will let you know as soon as I get the final sched :)

  11. oh no... hope you're able to fix your blog roll!! i hate it when that happens..

    anyway.. your style is impeccable!! love the laidback chic feel of your outfits! :D

    Animated Confessions

  12. that studded vest is a must on my closet. So cool

  13. Hey Eden, I'm following you now. Follow me too =)
    That studded vest looks so familiar! Where did you get it? Cause my friend sells some stuff online and that vest kindof looks familiar when I had a shoot with it.. Not sure though, must be a like lang.. Anyway love your hair!! =)


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