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Given the somewhat tight schedule that I run (balancing work+extra gigs+relationship+family+blog) on a regular basis, I always try to make do with what little extra time I do get. A night out with friends or beaching in the weekend is usually enough to stave off my hunger for some much-needed R&R, but at times when the stress is much more than you bargained for and those just aren't enough, then you know you gotta man up and file a longer vacation leave, pack your bags, and jetset!

With that, I knew I couldn't resist my friend Jossa's invitation to head out to Davao City, one of the biggest cities in Southern Philippines.I've only heard remarkable things about it thus far, so I just had to book my flight the first moment I could-and was it a sojourn for the books! The place was visually arresting, and it's a metropolis that still stays close to its traditional roots... it was easy to fall in love with Davao and the warmth and safety that emanates from the place is just absolutely charming.:)

I packed most of my platforms and heels but ironically ended up NOT being able to use them at all and instead opted to walk around in my completely worn-out flats-I may rarely step into them but this time I'm grateful that I did, as it afforded me all  the sights and sounds I can possibly take in of this beautiful city.:)

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  1. ahhh, it's nice to know that you finally got some R&R!

  2. love the new look of the site! anddddd the carabao looks scary! hahaha

  3. Durian! I've never had any.

  4. wow, i've never been to davao! love your long cardi..flats are definitely something new on you eden! i've been stocking up on them now considering all the errands i'm going to run from now on...:D

    let's have that dinner soon before dane leaves!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  5. The photos make me want to travel even more but with school now, I can't :( I love the laid back yet still chic outfit of yours :) I always wear flats when traveling cause I know my feet will complain if I wore heels with all the walking :) hehehe

  6. hello! thanks so much for dropping by my blog! i'll add you to my links!!! you have such fierce style! :D

  7. love your blog's new layout, Eden!
    i want your cardigan! haha :)

  8. Many Durians with lovely friends...a great trip in Davao...with your brand of style...

    that is really something Eden...

    you look so happy also....

    You should travel in Bangkok hahahaha!!!!

    Take care love

  9. oh, i love ur outfit! very airplane-friendly :) enjoy ur vacay, love!


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