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Sweet from the lovely personal blog">Pens and Lens is probably one of the nicest gals I've had the pleasure of having online exchanges with in a long time, and that's saying much. She speaks with the choicest of words and she never runs out of compliments that will turn any sh*teous day around. I'm seriously regretting being too busy to meet her in the flesh before she left for Thailand, because I'm sure she would surpass all my already preconceived notions of her (all good, of course).

This interview feature that she did of me kind of made me blush, because I'm pretty sure I'm not THAT awesome. Hahah. But thanks, Sweet, from the bottom of my heart. :)

Read the full interview feature by clicking here.

**Thanks going out to the new followers and for your awesome comments. Will be bloghopping again shortly... xx

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  1. Congrats on the feature Eden! You deserve it! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  2. sweet just being sweet.. ive known her for ages one of the most chikadora friends i have hehe

  3. Great interview. i'm lost, you're moving to Thailand?

  4. Thank you so much Eden for gracing the interview too...
    You are awesome love, I always look at you the same way I did with Kristine, Gizelle and Dane one of my favorite bloggers....

    and for Isabeau, yes my dear I am always that chikadora hahahaha!!!! but I am always SWEET....

    Thank you for this Eden...

    kisses love
    hope to meet you soon!!

    great love

  5. congrats love! u totally deserve it!

  6. congrats on the feature! nice interview!

  7. This is so sweet!


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