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with the going away card i put together and everyone signed, awwww

che's kooky glasses are mad insane! loves it.
trying out Dane's SoulePhenomenon Gareth Pugh-inspired platforms... at six inches these babies feel like a whole new floor, a concussion waiting to happen

BTS for Brian Viveros-themed shoot with photog Hannah Bacalla

an Eden sandwich with Thaad and Dane at the farewell party

One of our favourite earth angels has already left the building to go back to her own spot of sand and sun in Boracay, and we're all still bummed out from her sudden leaving, me most especially. My friendship with Dane has been nothing short of amazeballs, considering how we've moved just being bloggers who frequently visit each other to becoming sisters from different misters... in this day and age when the internet is sometimes nothing but virtual reality, it's always a beautiful thing for relationships to actually transcend into real life. The past two months of having her around has been tremendously insane and chocked full of memories... I wouldn't have it any other way.

Babes, it's never goodbyes, we can't wait to see you in the island! xx

All photos courtesy of Dane, make sure to give her stylish blog a visit if you still haven't :)

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  1. those gareth pugh-esque shoes are just wow!


  2. That glasses and shoes rock!!! :D Aww as much as i hate leaving friends, as they say, friends can grow separately without growing apart. :)

  3. it really is amazing how one could develop a genuine friendship via blogging.. ♥ the shoes! Farewell Dane!

  4. fantastic pictures. Love the outfits.:)SarahD

  5. I heard about her moving back to Boracay...I really hope I had to the chance of meeting her someday...she is one inspiring bloggers and my favorites too Eden...

    Do not worry love, you can always go to Boracay and have fun!!!


  6. Those Black & White Wedges Are Baaad.


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