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vintage black shirt with gold threads, Genevieve Gozum multichain necklace, studded slim "belt" from SM Mens, DIY suede skirt, Janeo heels

As I've mentioned in a prior post, I'm glad to be in a workplace where I am judged based on what I can bring to the table skills-wise, instead of what I wear. Yes, I have a half-shaved head (I'm still not over it lol) and I do have the propensity to pile on the crazy sometimes, but yes, they're nice enough to let me get away with my idea of "office wear", so long as I come to work on time and blab on-air from 2-8pm... fair enough tradeoff, if you ask me.

A lot of people ask me what it's like to be a radio jock. Do I still get frightened? Yes. Did I make major bloopers? Hell yes. Is it easy? Is it hard? Both yes and no (at least in my opinion). Though it may feel a bit routine after doing it for more than two years, it is still scary and awesome to think about serving thousands of listeners by the minute, so I can't really complain.

Here's what my dashboard looks like (the technical aspect just takes getting used to, its quite easy),and the view from my 20th room glass wall... unfortunately I hate heights, but everyone's free to pop in for a visit and enjoy it for themselves.:)

BTW sorry if I've been MIA lately. I really have to switch internet providers STAT. :(

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  1. This is too cool eden! :D Glad to learn about this side of you :) methinks you have the coolest job ;)

  2. You look glam and sexy for your job Eden, I wish I can wear the same thing...but I am afraid my students will start to pull off my necklaces and all...they even love to play with the hemline of my skirt and pants...what more if I put on accessories???

    I am the old simple Sweet at work but on weekends I glam up just like you always do...

    take care love

  3. hey, i just stumbled upon your blog and i have to say you look great! and i love your hair! :)


  4. It's great you can play up with your outfit in work! Hopefully I end up working in a place that allows me to do the same. "PLAY!" haha

  5. always thought radio DJ-ing was one of the most interesting jobs out there. although, personally, i think i'd easily run out of things to say. haha.

    boat ride through the sky

  6. I just followed you! :) Follow me back?

    You have a wonderful blog btw :)


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