POSTURA Day 1: Summer Ultrabrights

11:13 AM

DIY fluorescent yellow metallic cuff, bazaar find peplum skirt, stud and spike cuffs from downtown, Soule Phenomenon Lynka booties, metallic belt by Nava. Electric pink button-down by Yves Identify

The day has come... for my readers to see me in something very, very pink! I know you guys know that candy-colored articles of clothing aren't too high on my list, but I'm in love with very electric/shocking colors lately. It's too damn hot to wear black outside to be honest. And besides, I have all the reasons to wear a lot of color these days. Someone VERY important to me is coming back, sooo... everything seems to be vivid now. Char!:p But, yeah. I'm about to be very, very, very happy. 

This by the way happens to be my first entry to the POSTURA 30-Day Blogger Challenge, which has been making a lot of waves in the interwebs as of late. The challenge is to be able to incorporate something Filipino-made in our outfits for at least 30 days--and what better way to start the challenge than something from my bff Yves Camingue? His RTW sensibilities are always on the spot, and this button-down is no exception. And with his up and coming stint in Project Runway, more and more people will know of him soon. Truly proud!:)

Mucho thanks to the hugely talented Yuno Lloyd Bastareche of Blanc Magazine for these amazing shots. I think the clothes, the colors, the palm trees and the heat all came together beautifully. Awesome job, Yuno!:)

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  1. Colorful kaayo nya nice pagkablend sa colors ! Plus kaayo ang Belt :D hihihih


  2. Onga, black's too hot to wear anymore! And congrats on the impending happiness ;) haha!

    Almira :)

  3. yey to candy colored outfits!:) my fave! love it, eden!! still very you with those shoes!:)

  4. I love your outfit Eden and the shoes, bongga! I loveeet! :)

  5. Winner ang PEPLUM skirt!
    I love colors on you.:)

  6. the colors are striking in their own ways but while you wearing it, parang nagblend sila ng bongga! super like!


  7. I LOVE these bright colors! They make me wish for warmer weather!

  8. OMGGGG gagayahin ko 'tong outfit na 'to!!! I love you!! Ang ganda ganda mo!!! ♥

  9. I love everything! Great combination of colors! :) <3


  10. love the outfit! and wooooh go Yuno! :D

  11. The colors are so lovely on you Eden! :D

  12. You look totally ready for summer, Eden! So colorful ;)

    ♥ Megann of Style Surgery

  13. Why do you have to be sooo effortlessly fierce and beautiful all the time? Inggit! :( Hahaha love youuu babe! xx


  14. I love bright colors! :) they're like neutrals for me :) I'm happy you're beginning to enjoy their vavavoom potential eden! and hey, I love the concept of the project ha..pinoy-made stuff! Go, go, go! :)

  15. Awesome! Love the Peplum skirt!! :)

    Kaye Awatin

  16. ohmy, you're wearing a skirt, and pink! :))


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