Neutral Basics: My PersunMall Wishlist

6:54 AM

I think doing some online shopping here and there is part-and-parcel of the whole fashion blogging experience. There's just many great sites online that offer on-trend items that are sometimes a step ahead of their retail counterparts, and the temptation is absolutely inescapable sometimes! As much as I believe in "saving for the rainy season" these days, I can't resist an awesome item every now and then (especially from a site that offers free shipping worldwide!).

I chanced upon the site Persunmall through great recommendations from fellow bloggers and seeing their items worn as well. I'm careful when treading new sites (I am often a repeat customer of a select few) , but the site was immediately likable upon closer inspection. They seem to cater to a wide range of sartorial tastes, and carried a nice balance of trendy items, classic staples, and special occasion dresses. One of their reps came in contact with me and tasked me to make a wishlist with their items, which was far from being daunting. I'm all about stripping down my wardrobe these days to a bare minimum, and they carried the right kind of basics that I'm looking forward to stocking soon.

Persunmall also seems to be leatherexperts -- make sure to check out their great selection of jackets, blazers and other leather items! 

Check out Persunmall to see the awesomeness for yourself! 

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