OOTD: Leather Peplum and Stripes

12:17 AM

May it be for a client meeting or work, sometimes I need to scrub up and attempt to look my most decent. This is probably one of those looks.

Old striped black and white button-down | skirt and leather peplum belt from The Maze Hipzone - Ayala Cebu | clutch from Dorothy Perkins | studded ankle-strap wrap heels from Colin Stuart

Photos by Thaad

"Ma, you look so formal!" was the first thing that came out of my friend and fellow blogger Gizelle's mouth during the event, which was the unveilling of the Maze Hipzone Spring-Summer 2013 collection shoot to the press. I know I have yet to post about it here, but it was basically a project of love between me and some very steadfast collaborators. It was kind of a big deal for all of us involved, so I guess that called for my "formal" and most "respectable" best lol. Nothing wrong with being "formal" once in awhile, anyway-- I am 26 and I think I need to wear my age on my sleeve once in awhile.

This is also the closest I can get to the peplum trend, something which I haven't touched thus far sans this belt. I love how it's a belt, and that it's rigid, and it's far from being frilly, which made it pass in my book.

I also loved how my closet surprised me in picking out what to wear for the event. Vertical striped button-downs are on the rage among online shops and style blogs these days, and I was super pleased to unearth this old fella from the recesses of my closet! When you find yourself a frequent victim of the age-old "so many clothes, nothing to wear" problem, sometimes all you need to do is really look.:)

Be back with more soon! xx

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  1. Eden I always dig your style! :) And pareho tayo, I haven't tried the peplum trend when it was on trend! (or I don't remember trying it.. hmmm) Congrats on the launching of Maze guuurl! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  2. This is so love! ♥ I think you really pulled off a formal outfit! And it's so amazing! Just can't get enough of this! ♥


  3. mangutana pa unta ko nimo Eden kung diin nimo gipalit ang belt. haha! i love eeeettttt! and your heels pud! miss you!

    xx toni www.perfumedredshoes.com


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