Tomato SWAP Watches Get Sinulog-Styled!

10:22 PM

Sorry boys and girls for my somewhat long-ish absence-- it's Sinulog season once more and shit is getting quite cray for everyone where schedules are concerned! Incredible traffic everywhere and it's hard to get around... but it's all for a good thing, of course! Sinulog 2014 is THE most anticipated event in Cebu, and the city is abuzz with just so much excitement and anticipation for the events this weekend. On top of that, I'm currently doing post-production on a film we recently shot, and we've got quite a strict deadline. Can't wait to share more details about that!

Just a quick post sharing this eye candy I recently got from TOMATO Time-- I think it's adorable that they're doing a special limited edition Sinulog version of their famous fuss-free watch. Got mine in green and I've been wearing it the whole week! So festive and Sinulog-appropriate!:)

Check out some of their promos in time for the Sinulog season, below:

Sinulog-ready right down to my timepiece! Thank you @tomatoph @tomatotimecebu for this limited edition Sinulog SWAP watch!:) grab yours in 6 shades of candy colors at their kiosk in SM. Viva Pit Senyor! by @edeninthetropics

Tomato Time SWAP watches are now available at the Tomato Time Kiosk, located at the Upper Ground Level of SM City Cebu. Uniquely Cebu.  Exclusively Cebuano.  Available in limited quantities only.  Grab your limited edition Sinulog SWAP watch in time for this weekend! Supplies are running out fast.

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