The Year That Was: 2013 Style Roundup

4:21 AM

HNY, Everyone! :)

Thank you for sticking around and checking out the blog from time to time. It's been quite a loooong haul so far, but its amazing to note that we're (meaning me and this blog) is still standing! 2013 marked quite a tumultuous rollercoaster ride for me-- a lot of dips mixed with some really good points in both my career and personal life, some notable life events; plus Yolanda, the Bohol earthquake, and never-ending post-quake aftershocks in between. YES. 2013 definitely did not wanna exit in a forgettable manner--but well, it's over, and it's time to face 2014 with all-too-excited open arms. Thank God and good riddance!

Before moving on to 2014, let's take a look back at some of looks I posted the past year. I don't know where my schedule would take me, but I'll try my hardest to be more consistent, haha! Based on these 10 looks I've selected, here's a few things that I can sum up my style choices the past year:


  • Minimalism and neutrals were still very much on the menu. Guess you can't trust me to go floral anytime, but who knows? Haha! I know I have to step out of my comfort zone every now and then... Liked this off-white look and wrap skirt look a lot! 
  • My hair sort of looked the same the whole year round. It definitely wasn't like THAT year where my I tried the colors of the rainbow in a span of a few months... signs of growing up, maybe? 
  • Simpler everything. 2013 was definitely the year where simplicity was in and excess was out-- I liked having a more pared-down, cleaner closet of more classic items. Definitely continuing that this year.

Here's also a few key trends and items that I really loved, and will most probably continue on using:

  • Classic footwear - 2013 marked the return of two surprise favorites: the ankle-strap sandal and the pointy pump. Not the easiest things to wear, but so versatile!
  • Blacks and whites - obviously!
  • Ankle boots - can't stress how necessary these are (the walkable, casual-wear variety)
  • Vests, vests, vests! - Vests are like, weather-friendlier, less rigid counterparts of leather jackets and blazers. I can't live without these babies! I liked this white vest and leather skirt pairing and this leather vest and origami skirt pairing, in particular.
  • Caps and hats - What you place on your head can sometimes really complete a look.

SO THERE! I don't know how different or similar I'll look this year, but it's always fun trying to see how it turns out.:)

Thanks again for visiting xx

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