MUJI Philippines' Lucky Number Seven Opens in Ayala Center Cebu!

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Hello, loves! I'm back with some news that I've been dying to share with you. In case you didn't know, one of Japan's most beloved yet elusive lifestyle brands is now in Ayala Center Cebu, and that would be none other than MUJI! I was lucky to have been invited to their check out their store on the very first day, and it was such an incredible treat. Took a few pictures and I hope it does the store justice!:)

Muji's design elements and philosophy are very much in tune to Japanese minimalist sensibilities-- it is a brand where everything anchors on simplicity, avoiding "frills" and "excess" at all cost. I love how the brand puts emphasis on the quality of their products, their very spare packaging (to reduce waste in production, something the brand is passionate about), and their "no-logo" policy. MUJI's "anti-brand movement" and modest approach is quite inspiring if you ask me-- in a sea where brands feel the need to stamp their logos everywhere, MUJI stands as an original, finding success through a very simplistic, streamlined approach and word-of-mouth. I find that very refreshing.

sea of shoes, quite 
MUJI is, quite literally, a one-stop shop-- from luggages, to food, to footwear, to stationery-- they nearly have everything!

I've been to a couple of MUJI stores in Manila, and no expense was spared to make their first Cebuano branch as awesome as the other branches. The sea of neutrals and calm colors is instantly inviting and relaxing, and the brand obviously takes their zen-like approach seriously down to their store space. Everything is laid out systematically and prettily, and you can easily find all of the MUJI flagship products such as their food, kitchen supplies, storage sets, cosmetics and skincare, and paper products laid out in this expansive space. Be warned-- you will be very, very tempted to go on a shopping spree. Haha!

The hubby and I were particularly drawn to the storage and furnishings, feeling their awesome memory foam pillows and testing the gorgeously spare couch and beanbag. Heavenly!  I thought I was gonna pass out in bliss right then and there. Worth the saving up, I tell you!  I ultimately picked up a few Christmas gift items for some friends, something I saw a lot of fresh patrons do as well. They opened right on gift-giving season!:)


signature MUJI kitchen utensils and glassware

i wanted to walk away with this set right then and there! so comfy!

gorgeous button-downs and pique shirts for him and her

No visit to MUJI would be complete without seeing the fashion section, of course. MUJI offers classic staples for both men and women, and I particularly fell in love with some knits for me and men's pique shirts for him. Can't wait to be doing some post-holiday shopping for the both of us, haha!

I had such a great time checking out MUJI's first ever branch outside of Mega Manila. With their stunning brand reputation and reasonable price points, I'm sure MUJI Cebu won't have a hard time easing in to the Cebuano shopping culture.

Thank you MUJI Philippines and Stores Specialists Inc. for having me in your store! 

Twitter: @MUJI_PH 

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  1. the skin care in MUJI are really nice! and the make ups :) you should try it <3

    Youtube: Reina Tsukada


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