Film Friday: Leah V Daily's Black and Gold Birthday Fashion Bash

4:00 PM

As promised, you'll be seeing a lot more of my work as a filmmaker here on Chic in the Tropics. This site has obviously become way more than just me posting outfit shots and brands I'm obsessed about, but rather, a place where I share my adventures here in America as an aspiring (and sometimes struggling? ha) filmmaker, business owner, and new mother. Who would've thought, me? A legit
"mompreneur"? I actually like how that sounds, haha!

Anyway, I've been slowly and steadily working on little shoots here and there and meeting a lot of new friends/potential clients, just bringing our camera and a bit of gear wherever I go to take videos of whatever tickles my fancy. I've never been a technical genius as I'm more of the producer and writer in our team- my husband, who takes my photos here, does all that us - but I've been slowly and steadily learning all the ins and outs of cinematography, editing, and sound design, just constantly trying to hone my skills better. After all, what kind of filmmaker would I be if I didn't have mastery of what it takes to make a good film, right?

Anyway, my eventual goals here in my personal blog is to balance both film and fashion related posts, and hopefully be able to upload at least one short film or video that I personally shot. That is a long shot (lol pun intended) considering my life as a mom to a pre-toddler, but I'm taking the necessary steps to make this happen! :)

One of the first videos that I shot and completely did everything myself is this post-event video of Detroit fashion blogger Leah V's birthday bash - it wasn't just a fun party, but it was also fun shooting it. Hope you check it out and like it! :)

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