When Superstars Align

9:03 PM

obvi the gratuitous "my feet against the fallen leaves" shot ;)

My baby giving zero effs in this photo. Haha. In his defense, he was feeling under the weather. :( But isn't this view of Chicago so jawdropping?

An extreme show of bravery atop the Willis Tower - Skydeck Chicago experience

After months of waiting on waiting lists and stalking websites in what felt like an eternity, I finally said hello to my very own pair of Adidas Superstars - yes, everyone has them and yes, everyone wants them, but whether or not you choose to ride the Superstar bandwagon, it's undeniable that Superstars hold their own distinctive cachet. They've also given me nothing but good memories, having worn them most of the time during my weeklong trip to Chicago last month (more deets on that later!:)). Not only that, they're ridiculously comfortable and they literally go well with anything. I might actually rock a holiday party with these and a nice sequined number. Game plan, maybe?

Sincerest thanks to my dear sister who copped these for me for my birthday - I mean, I've been saving for them forever but we don't turn away gifts, right?

Hope November has been treating you all well! xx

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