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As much as we consider the likes of Alexa Chung, Alice Dellal, and the rest of the current "it girls" of the pack as our personal style demigoddesses, there are unsung heroes all over: local names and faces that dare to tread style a step ahead of the rest.

I have nothing but an unabashed hero worship for my local muse and style favourite Irx Canseco. Occasionally doing modelling and styling work for some industry friends, Irx has amassed a number of loyalists for his token fierceness on and off camera or runway. His knowledge of trends is spot on, he knows what and what not to approach cautiously, he tries them with an unbelievable panache, and he struts them like fricking Karlie Kloss. Yes, what's not to love?

I rudely interrupted Irx's viewing of The September Issue to ask 5 quick questions (see below):

Image Hosted by

Irx modelling for Lorymer Villareal

Image Hosted by

Irx with a fierce bowl cut and feline-inspired eyes (MUA by Jessie Glova)
Image Hosted by

Irx's take on the side-shave (with friend Lear, photo by Kim Artugue)
Image Hosted by

Irx trading traditional black for platinum blonde locks
Image Hosted by

Irx's take on the shredded DIY tee

Image Hosted by

CITT: What current designers influence you, and the look you'd like to channel for the year?
I: Personally, I always go back to the basics. I'm a jeans and tee kind of person. I also try to think about comfort and ease. Those influence the looks i want to try in the future. As far as runway inspirations, I like the Spring/Summer 2010 looks from Chloe, AF Vandervorst, and Stella McCartney. And a bit of the looks from Givenchy and Ohne Titel, just to mix it up a bit.

CITT: Your personal style favorites?
I: Anyone who wears an Alexander Wang tee the way i like it worn. I like how Erin Wasson and Freja Beha dress off-duty. I like the grungy, worn-out, model-off-duty look. Don't judge me. LOL.

CITT: What are your favorite items in your closet that you consider omnipresent?

I: Denim jeans and flipflops! because to me, summer is all year loooong.

CITT: What would you consider as style faux pas or pet peeves?

I: People blessed with big chests wearing clothes that leave nothing to the imagination. The sexy librarian look. Neon colored jeans. haha.

CITT: So, what's the one particular principle you employ in everything you wear?

I: I have very peculiar choices as to how things fit. And if i really don't have a choice but to wear something I'm not too excited about, i guess i'll just have to pretend like i did it in purpose. LOL

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  1. great interview and he is fab!
    somehow he reminds me of my friend, seriously
    thanks for following me
    your blog always rocks, eden!


  2. he looks like a woman! a very beautiful woman!

  3. LOVE the blog:) thank you so much for visiting mine

  4. Wow she is a stong model! I love her eyes!

    I'll return the favour.


  5. wow she is phenomenal! so stunning!!!!

    love your blog!


  6. hot ! loveee these photos. talk about fierce ! of course we can exchange links girl, just let me know whenever you're ready :)

    xx lue

  7. irky!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. He is STYLIN! The blonde hair looks fantastic!


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