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My good friend, gay soulmate and longtime style guru Yves Martini Camingue has undoubtedly established a young yet exponentially improving career within his half-a-decade tenure in local fashion.
With a foundation firmly rooted since his inception in the collegiate fashion scene years back, Yves has risen up the ranks to become one of the most formidable young tastemakers in the circuit, styling for various brands du jour, as well as serving a growing clientele for both his RTW and made-to-order lines.
February marks another milestone as Yves partnered with Digital Cebu to launch, a one-stop site for all things YVES Identify. Browse through galleries of his previous work, get in touch with him, or order his latest pieces.. it truly is in the power of just a click.
Visit now. :)
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Aoi in 2010 Yves Identify-finale piece for the Anthill Fashion Show (photo from Roland Icban of the Humanizer)

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a look from the Yves Identify Summer '08 lookbook (photo by Hannah Bacalla)

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from Yves Identify pre-holiday RTW 2008 (photo by Joseph Ong)

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Yves styling for Topshop for a Cebu Daily News feature (photo by Roland Icban)

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Yves goes bridal in this origami-inspired cocktail one-off

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  1. this all looks fabulous!

    well done to him!

  2. Cool, he has a great website and love the clothing!

  3. The 4th picture with the girl and guitars is great! I also like the last's a very pretty dress!

    Thank you soooo much for stopping by and commenting on my blog! I'm glad you enjoyed my Photo Diary. ;)

    I hope this is showing you the love that you wanted for your blog! hee hee I'm also following you...great blog! :D

  4. hi nice post & i also like this blog so much... pls visit here :

  5. Wow, Congrats to Yves...a very talented person!
    Gotta check his website now.


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