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Dudes, sorry if I've been MIA for a few days. i think i'm coming down with the flu or something. which really sucks. but.. i'll do my best to get back to you ASAP.

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wearing thrifted white cheetah print shirt, DIY distressed denim, GoJane Balmain-esque heels, Next UK necklace, Manalili shades and wristwear

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So, i found this incredibly comfy and effortless cheetah print shirt in one of my bargain trips and I fell in love. I think one could style this just like the ubiquitous loose white shirt but packing a more interesting twist. wore this with my "Balmain" GoJane heels, because a friend's been asking me where they went (yep, i'm talking to you Ariel. hehehe.)

Sorry for the hair, guys. I literally just woke up.
Thanks again for the love y'all. And to my new followers..<3.

**thank you Yen for the shots

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  1. So luv ur outfit and the way u styled everything! xx

  2. Hi Eden :) Thank you for your comment :)

    Anyways, this is so cool! I'm really lovin' the shirt because it's leopard/cheetah and it's comfy and loose. Plus your DIY jeans are awesome, oh and those balmain knock-offs, awesome! And... this is something that I would wear :) I just have to find a perfect leopard shirt. Hehe! :)


  3. I love your outfit. That leopard print blouse is a really great find. I've been looking for animal prints but no luck until now. :P

    You look great.

    Also, I seem to be coming down with something too. It must be the crazy weather. :(

  4. Hello sweetie pie!
    I love this simple outffit.
    Chic na chic ka.

    Oh, I thought your boyfie is with you.
    I haven't been to Toronto but I'm planning to
    go there this summer. Sama ka?

  5. Oh how sweet!
    "Liebe Grüße" to you ;)

    Hope you are feeling better!
    Your heels are so very eye-catching!!

    Have a beautiful day ahead and stay healthy!

  6. rawr! love love the shades. gusto ko rin ng ganyan.

  7. I am in love with that animal printed top! I am wanting more animal print, like a Zebra printed top, but I have not found one that was not in a bright color, I want to the original colors. But the top is really cool and effortless it looks great with the jeans! also really cool shoes!
    ps: I hope you feel better and don't come down with the flue! the flue is terrible!

  8. those shoes are quite amaaazing! i've been looking for gladiators like that for ages :)


  9. dropping by to wish you a happy weekend.
    nice shirt!

  10. Oh, I hope you start feeling better my love! On the bright side, you still look fabulous!! :)

  11. oooh, i like oversized shirts... other than i don't feel to conscious about my tummy, it's very comfortable and chic too..just bought some animal print stuff myself...:D

    yey! i am all for the cebu blogger meet-up! just tell me and i'll be there..:D

  12. I need those sandels in my life! lol!

  13. Hi Eden!!
    Came across your blog through Studdesbliss. And I must say, I really found it exciting. I love reading every page!! Looking forward in reading more

    Followed you btw.

    visit and follow

  14. Hello, E!

    I missed dressing like that, loose and so comfy but you look comfy chic.;)

    It's still very cold in here and so I'm completely wrapped up like a mummy.

    Have a great weekend ahead! :)

  15. love this look. so effortless yet edgy. you look amazing eden. rawr!!! hope you are feeling better.


  16. those gojane shoes are so chic! I hope you're feeling better now ;)bisous


  17. shared with you my first blog award ^^

    claim it here

  18. You look great!!! I love your outfit!!

  19. fabulous heels!

  20. I love your sunnies, they kick some serious ass.

  21. ouu ripped jeans, very grunge, i like. thanks for stopping by :) i checked out your giveaway ! i wish I was in the PI :( buuut, i would love for you to enter my giveaway :)

    xx lue

  22. i love your grunge look here and loving the shirt! :) its very chic, laidback yet glam too :)

  23. I look so cool girl and I do love your necklace! nice touch ;)
    I hope you can be better so soon...




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