Valentines with a Rock Star

7:52 AM

Nooo, of course I didn't date one (how I wish lol), but I did have the honor of interviewing a rather big one for VDay weekend.

Arnel Pineda, the incredibly talented Filipino rock singer who got catapulted to international fame as the new vocalist for legendary band Journey, paid a visit during my show to talk about his Love Rocks Valentines concert in the city.

The experience was nothing short of amazing- such humility from a massive star is beyond belief. What a class act.
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international Filipino rock star Arnel Pineda and yours truly
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sitting down for an on-air live chit-chat

And just for those who really have not heard of him or his story yet (which rock were you hiding under? lol jk), here's Arnel and Journey on Oprah with Don't Stop Believing. He does every Pinoy proud everytime he steps up the plate.

Also went to check out an event in support of Yves and Brylle who were included in the roster of designers. A few shots:
Image Hosted by
Yves channeling Carrie's SATC2 shades
Image Hosted by
Brylle's DIY grommet-and-stud-shirt
Image Hosted by
wearing an old denim shirt from an unc, DIY bleach-splattered shorts, Jessica Simpson wedge strappy boot wedges

Thanks again to everyone who has continued supporting CITT. you guys rock.
(and thanks Faye for the shoes! love!)

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  1. You look gorgeous! Its kinda weird that Jess Simpson "designs" such nice shoes, no?

  2. love his version of don't stop believing.

  3. Sounds amazing!!!

    Also I love those shorts!! You look great!

  4. He is a fool for not trying to set up a date with you after this interview, you look FABULOUS (or maybe that was your plan the whole time)

  5. thats so exciting! love your outfit

  6. Eden, I love this outfit! I'm planning on getting paint splattered shorts as well. You pulled this off with so much ease. What radio station do you work for?

    And oh, I hope you don't mind adding me to Pinoy blog roll.


  7. aaaw yes unfortunately, in this cruel world, diet is NEVER enought :(

    AAAAAaa the shoes are wonderful
    AAAAA (second AAA even louder) YOU RUN A RADIO SHOW?
    I used to run an internet radio show myself! But then tests came and *pouf* I stopped. :(
    and OFC i am your next follower!
    You got an interesting blog here lady ;)

    kisses! :D
    have a nice day!
    or a good night!
    depends on when you will read this

    ok you got what im trying to say :P

  8. All of you have such original style and uniqueness that is contagious! I love everything everyone is wearing in these pictures. What really called my attention was the studded tee shirt. Loved it! Loving this blog!
    check out my trendy blog!

  9. boyfriend is a fan of arnel pineda.and i love his music too.

    lovely shoes!

  10. Wow that was cool that you got to interview him!!!

    Your outfit was lovely too!!

  11. oh wow, i'm a huge arnel pineda fan!too bad i missed his concert.:(

    love your shoes!

  12. arnel pineda does rock!
    and he sings sooo good. :D

    love that outfit eden!
    especially the denim top...
    and those shoes, don't get me started.hehe.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  13. hmm u gave me an idea hehe.. my dad has almost the exact same denim polo shirt.. men in our generation no longer wears em.. ahhaha

  14. I want those wedges. they look gorgeous!! been looking for the perfect denim shirt, I adore yours. and the shorts!! I smell DIY. <3
    Oh btw, I love Yves sunnies and Brylle's studded shirt. Simply amazing!

    visit and follow

  15. The studded d.i.y top looks amazing!!!
    Rianna Bethany x

  16. how I wish I could wear casual clothes to work! I'd freeze my butt off if I wore shorts in the office ;) and oh, now I figured out who you remind me of...the Olsen twins! :) I hope you take it as a compliment--they're part of my list of fashion inspirations :)

  17. Love love love your outfit. Very comfy and chic! :)

    I like Arnel Pineda. He's really good :)

  18. All of the DIYs are very cool! Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day!

    xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

  19. Love your outfit.. it's so chic and glamorous..

  20. how I love him. I hope Journey will visit NY. =)


  21. I love the outfit! You're so lucky to have interviewed such a cool person. Plus he's cute!

  22. love your heels + outfit. the oversized top looks great with the shorts.

    yesss, he's awesome! so crazy how his voice is exactly like the original singer's.

    i'm filipino-american and love hearing about filipino pop-culture! yay! <3

  23. love what you're wearing
    great denim shirt!
    have just followed you dear
    mind to follow me back? :)


  24. U look gorgeous!! Luv ur outfit!! xxx

  25. oh my Arnel! i love his voice! and amazing talaga how a lot of Fil. artists are now super succesful!! i'm a huge fan of little Charice din! hehe :)

    by the way, you are lucky to be able to meet and chit chat with him. yes, he's very humble looking.

    and love the denim top and Yves necklace here!

  26. love how you werqed that denim shirt!

    taray ni brylle! tell him i said hi. haha

  27. such a cute blog. Thanks for following my blog : ) I'm following yours as well.


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