police, puhlease (and a blog award)

12:46 PM

Silas Song (cinematographer) and Samrat Parmar (director)

Hi I'm Eden, and I moonlight as a cop. How do you guys like my new hurr? :D

Kidding aside, I had to wear this really pretty wig and this uniform for Income Tax, a short film  that we finished last week. As you well know, my real hair is all sorts of insane, thus the wig. I played a con artist who goes around pretending to be a cop for money. Funny stuff. Thank you Sammy Parmar and the rest of the guys for making it quite the adventure.:)

True story: while we were rolling a scene in the highway, a real motorist stopped because he thought i was doing a real checkpoint. Hahaha. With my heavily smoky eye makeup and fake hair I didn't think I could fool anyone. But oh well.

Aaaaaanyway, I'd like to say thank you to the lovely Abi of Whatevereveramen for awarding me as a lovely blog! Funny, I would have awarded her first if I could cuz her blog is a great read. Thanks Abi!

I haven't really done these for awhile so I'm kinda rusty. I'm supposed to post 7 random facts about myself and then pass it on to other bloggers. I'll keep my facts really short. Here we go:

a) The first cocktail I try to get when I'm out is a Mojito. 
b) I love fried chicken, especially the ones I can buy cheap walking down sidewalks.
c) My ultimate favorite in my closet is my bf's ultra worn in A&F jeans that he's had since he was 13 or something. It's falling apart in places but I refuse to part with it.
d) I can't say no to a good piece of leather item.
e) Me and my bf share a big black Labrador named Mozart. Since he's in the states, I'm the one solely taking care of the little devil. Love him to bits though.
f) I like doing acting roles that really, really push the envelope.
g) Doing nothing but watch South Park is currently my favorite go-to therapy when I have downtime.

Passing it on to some new (and old-er) great reads!

I would honestly tag more but I'm drifting in my seat. Peace out xx

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  1. Great pictures and congrats on the award!

    ♥ Lots of love, Lisette ♥

  2. who wouldn't want to be checked by a policewoman in smokey eyes and wig!? this shoot must have been fun! thanks for the tag Eden. =)

  3. I love Fidels chicken near USC main, Eden! Haha! The hair looks great on you and I love TGIF's and Maya's mojito! They're really the best.

    Thanks for tagging! :)

  4. Thanks Babe! *kilig*

    I like the wig ah! cute!LOL!
    pero mas peg ko fiery hair mo!
    a cop with badass hair = AWESOME!:)

  5. Eden, I thought you changed your hair style again because the last time I read your blog, your hair color´s red. Nag-role playing ka diay. ;)

    Congrats on the award and lots of luck on the short film! :)

  6. wow... u look like a really cool policewoman. :D
    the motorist who stopped must have thought that, too. :D

    congrats.. :D

  7. very cool! loved the photos. :)


  8. looks like it was fun!!! congrats on everything!!!


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