furious rose on sale now!

12:34 AM

My good friend/fellow Cebuana blogger Gizelle Faye's Furious Rose collection is now up for grabs! Take your first dibs in nothing but great hand-picked choices at really affordable prices. The set is overflowing with non-fussy printed pieces, eclectic accessories and footwear, and so much more. Sate your fashion addiction by checking out the collection over at their official site, www.shopyapi.com .

Much props to official set photographer, Jonathan Carlobos of VEATA, for coming up with a beautiful ad campaign. Many thanks to Yapi as well for letting me do the creative direction/co-styling/make-up for the shoot. Whew, that was quite a mouthful. Needless to say I had a blast.:)

The last 4 photos were taken from my 400D as I was BTSing the whole time. I've been working at improving my photography and I realize that 1), I need to learn important tools like PS (my photos are very raw), and 2), I need to get a 50mm stat.

Hope you guys had a fantastic weekend. Be back with more. xx

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  1. Hi Eden! Lovely styling/makeup! Great job on being the creative director of this set. =)I love the photos you took using your 400D. It's not as bad you think. =)


  2. your raw photos are beautiful! paano pa pag na-tweak na ng PS. beautiful clothes too! =)

  3. Wow gengsky I never really learned what to do with RAW photos. And they take so much space! Heheh. Guess I'm too lazy. Excited for your 50mm!

  4. awesome, awesome, awesome! love all these looks. swooning over the accessories...


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