Fashion Watch 2011: Oj Hofer

8:11 AM

some of my favorite details
Andrew Singco, Oj Hofer, and yours truly

Total backlog going on here. :( I've posted a lot about what went on behind the scenes and our preparation while we were in Manila that I forgot to put the actual event photos up to speed.:( Here are some of the best shots that I was able to take during Oj Hofer's critically-acclaimed show for Fashion Watch 2011 (and some are grabs from obviously). I think I've often mentioned about how Oj's professionalism and artistry has had me in awe, but for now, I'll just stop prattling and just let these beautiful garments speak for themselves. I can't thank Oj enough for letting us in and giving us such an incredible glimpse into his creative psyche. I'm definitely looking forward to his Fashion Watch show outing this October!

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  1. so gorgeous :)

    elizabeth ( x

  2. These are beautiful designs! I love all the bright colors, especially that orange color.

  3. Hi Eden, thanks for stopping by my blog. You have a lovely blog. I'm unfamiliar with fashion and designers in the Philippines- there's some amazing clothes in this post! Yes, Paris was beautiful, you must make the trip one. Following on twitter :)


  4. OJ Hofer is generating quite the buzz. He is truly talented!

    On an unrelated note, glad I found you :) love your photos and you have wicked style! Joined you on GFC. Hope you can join me too.

  5. darling,

    thanks a million for helping me out backstage :) as you know fashion is the chic-est barometer of change so the cycle of conceptualization has started again. i'm working on my resort/summer 2012. so we fly and we get caught in the creative cycle again, and again, and again ...


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