balancing act

12:44 AM

studded leather vest from BimBim Haus, mullet dress from Yves Identify, sister's pants, Parisian platforms

with International Academy of Film and Television's Alex Murphy and Bill Gardner

with IAFT Acting Mentor Alex Murphy... just one of the most brilliant I've ever met

I hope you all are having a sensational weekend so far.:) I had such a blast last night meeting up with some of Cebu's fashion bloggers and I finally (finally!) got to meet Sweet of Pens and Lens after two years of stalking each other's blogs. More of that later!

Last weekend, I got the invite to attend the International Academy of Film and Television's public Acting 101 Workshop with their resident Acting Mentor, Alex Murphy. I don't know if I've stressed this often enough, but I happen to love acting as much as I do fashion. That sounds weird considering that I haven't really shown that side of me here (acting blog? lol), but I'm someone who will sacrifice work pay and good sleep just for gruelling film shootings or theater rehearsals. I've done a lot of work with student short films for their school, so I've gathered a number of friends from film just with that experience. I know you can't really serve two disciplines (fashion and acting, in this case) all at one time, but I think I can do it without having necessarily to sacrifice one or the other. It's just a matter of choosing the right projects and doing a very careful balancing act with my time.

IAFT is definitely an awesome place to get started with your aspirations with filmmaking, sound design and acting for the camera. It is in fact included in the Hollywood Reporter as one of the Top 10 Film Schools in the World. Check out IAFT at their official site,


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  1. you look so fierce here eden! i love your shoes!

    xo, cherie
    Parade of Dresses

  2. Eden, that leather studded vest is so ORGASMIC! I love it and of course you pulled off the whole outfit. I love your pose on the 1st photo!


  3. You look hot, love! You can always put a video up of ur acting stuff! would love to see it!

  4. Love this outfit!! It is absolutely edgy and gorgeous <3 New follower :) And thank you for commenting on my blog :D

  5. i love your rock style you look like georgina sparks




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