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2:33 PM

Hello lovers, my insomnia is kicking in again so I figured I should just wrap up this day with a post for you guys. Last weekend I had the opportunity in co-styling (along with Yves, my ever trusty companion) the promo plug for Wafer Models Philippines, one of the long-standing and most popular modelling agencies in Cebu City. The plug is meant to showcase their current roster of talents and will be used for an upcoming charity fashion show exclusively produced by the agency. Very exciting stuff. They wanted the girls to be in denim bottoms and black tops, in a kind of simple pretty-meets-edgy kind of vibe, which of course sounded like something we would want to do.
I was very pleased as well because we finally got to test drive the new collection from Gold Dot, and the shoes were truly sensational! The girls almost didn't want to take the shoes off, haha. 
Can't really divulge much of the details here but you'll just have to stick around and maybe I'll upload the video once it drops. Can't wait!

You guys give me my protein boost, thanks much.:))

Special thanks to Sven Chua and Wafer Models Philippines
Photos taken from my Canon 400D

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  1. so luck you get to work bts! :)

  2. great photos and some of the outfits are super cool!nice post dear.

  3. I love love the gold dot shoes and the models!:)

  4. awesome pics!

    your blog is really nice..maybe we can follow each other? :)

  5. The shoes are sooo special!

    Participate to my new give away and win a fab set of 5 Sal y Limon brecelets!



  6. Nice pics. Cool looks!



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