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Yves Identify "Gomabella" Pre-Holiday 2011 Campaign. Photography by Prem Ananda. Styling by yours truly. Hair and maquillage by Jomer Arances of Secanara Hands and team. Accessories by Noreen Tseng-Fernandez. Shoes by Mark Anthony Tenchavez of Shandar. Modelled by Astrid Hernandez and Victoria Aviso of Wafer Models Philippines. Shot on location at Diamond Suites and Residences. Special thanks to GM Ann Olalo, Juana Angela Claudine Emphasis, Sven Chua and Marlon Wafer.

Hey guys, sorry if I haven't been responsive to your comments or whatever. I feel less of a human today. Lol. I've been sleeping at 4am and waking up at 8am or 9 am daily for the past few days now so I feel very melancholic and blue somewhat...emotional duress maybe? I think I seriously need to take a chill pill.

Anyway, I get to act as a lead again in another short film shoot tomorrow.  I get to kick my co-star in the nuts and he gets to punch me in the face--no worries, the violence is all in glorified black comedy film style of course. I'm pretty psyched.

I just wanted to quickly share with you the styling work that I did for Yves Identify's Pre-Holiday campaign dubbed as Gomabella--Just really pretty, a bit of retro minimalism going on, and a whole lot of red. Great to have worked with such an awesome team.

And since I feel really down in the dumps tonight, I think I could use a whole lot of Rico "Zombie Boy" Genest. Did I tell you how much I love him? And no, not because he starred in the video of Lady Gaga's craptastic song, but because he's just the sex. Anyway here's his cover for the June 2011 issue of Fashion Magazine Poland with Jac Jagaciak. I wish I knew how to say "that's hawt" in Polish.

I'll be back with more later xx

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  1. oooh i just love rick genest. he's my desktop wallpaper. he was the muse in the Mugler campaign! :D

  2. Bloody awesome! I especially like the necklaces, are those photos?
    And good luck on your new stint! :)

  3. he's soooooo cool!!!!
    great post!
    love your blog dear,i am following you.i'd be very happy if u followed me back :)

  4. i love the photos, they're styled beautifully! and good luck on your acting stint eden!

  5. love the concept... red dress rocks. :D

  6. Oh I love the design...and yes zombie boy oh my!!!!



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