bright anarchy+Gold Dot this June

2:17 PM

Chiaroscuro by Oj Hofer infinity tank, custom-made leather skirt, vintage Gucci belt, cutout platforms from Shoesone

I realize that the bright red and bright yellow combination makes me look like the edgier cousin of Ronald McDonald. Lol. I couldn't resist wearing this incredible Chiaroscuro top to the designer's show, red hair and all. I rarely play with bright colours, and the designer was gracious enough to give me this  piece, so I thought there was no better time than the show to wear it. And yeah, that's not really a sleeve, but Oj didn't call it the infinity tank for nothing! I'd have to thank Yves for doing the knots and all. I paired it with the custom leather skirt I had tailored for this trip--unfortunately the tailor didn't really get it right, and I'm buggin'. Oh well.

Oh, and status on the hair? It's fading out really fast :(( I wouldn't say it's as intense as it is in these shots but it's still really red. A costly and tedious colour to maintain, but if you're thinking about it, go! You'd have to endure the bleaching pain though. Hehe.

I don't really want to post personal stuff here, but to sum it up,  I'm having a ridiculously tough day (more action on my Twitter if you really want in on the real score of my life dramz and all that--follow me! :P). 'Nuff said. 

The June collection from Gold Dot definitely made me smile though. Yes, awesome shoes just reminds me that a lot of things in life are worth working hard for. Hehe. I can't wait to get my hands on these babies:

Charm White and Red

Cassandra Cream and Rust

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  1. WOow you're exuding strongness with such "Show Off(icious)" finery Dear Eden !!! "KILLing Knockout of GLAMazon-ittude" . . .

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  2. When I went over Gold Dot's Multiply store yesterday and checked out their latest outing, I was like "I have to learn to walk properly in heels and wedges NOW!" XD

    - Roan

  3. Fierce was the first word that came to my mind and then I remembered you're wearing yellow. :)) Such a contradiction that you were able to pull, of course. You look smashing dear!

  4. DAAAYMNN that top, girl!! Loving the whole undone and deconstructed look! ;p

  5. I loveeeeee the white one! Grabeh!

  6. wow! sexy this gurl ha! you're the only one i know who can pull off that kind of top. fierce!

  7. that leather skirt & those shoes are amazing! very sexy top, too. ;)

    missed reading your posts!

    boat ride through the sky

  8. Just followed you on twitter, love! I am loving that leather skirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Chic outfit you have there Eden!

  10. nice combination... and ur hair was a plus factor to the whole ensemble. i love the skirt so much. is that leather?

  11. babe!!!! ang fierce lang nito! i love how the top was styled! everything works!

  12. I love all the collection from Gold Dot! new follower here! :)

  13. Another informative blog… Thank you for sharing it… Best of luck for further endeavor too.

  14. dope! i like all your leathers, Eden! :) nice to finally meet you! x -Aya

  15. love your top and your shoes!!!


  16. Hi Eden, thanks for droppin by my blog. Following you now :)

    I love the whole outfit plus the shoes are really to die for!


  17. okay the shade of yellow is something different but it looks good on you...I was used to seeing you in blacks and neutral colors my love...and those gold dot shoes are simply amazing...are they comfy???


  18. hey there eden! LOVE your shoes dear! And I knew there was a meet up, chyrel gomez told me :-) she asked me to go but i had work man! sayang, i wasn't able to go. Yes, I'd be happy to go next time... And thanks for the compliment, I appreciate it! :-) xoxo

  19. Hello Eden :D I love that yellow top!! Thanks so much for dropping by,commenting and following my little online journal :> kilig!! Followed you back (both blogs on your link) :)


  20. waaaaaaaiit, i love your TOP! and gosh! that leather skirt is ++++ i love it! :) You're so awzaaaam eden! go cebuanas!

  21. refreshingly insane eden! that cassandra shoes will send me back to relapse! gaaa!


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