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By Accident pinstripe flute skirt with slit, thrifted knit crop top, Vanessa Bruno bag, DIY centipede necklace from Yves

Hope you all had an amazing weekend. I spent mine with barely any sleep just scrambling from one activity to another--acted in a short film, styled a promo video for a local modelling agency, and did hair and make-up for my friend's photoshoot for her online shop. I had no downtime at all and I kept zoning off in between, but I love the hustle and bustle so much. That's just the kind of person that I am, especially if I've got much to think of emotion-wise... our greatest enemy at times are our own idle minds, so I try to get my hands full as much as possible.

I also believe that to continue and life this kind of urban mayhem is the best way to prep me up for a potential life in another part of the tropics. I've been really contemplating about making a transition to Manila, but I won't really strike at it until I'm sure. I just really want more of that action, sans stress, if possible.

I'm still not done sharing my Manila advenchas... so much backlog, so little time! Dropped by the Swatch showroom in Greenbelt 5 and checked out their skull-inspired installations featuring OS by Paul Jatayna accessories and Jerome Lorico pieces... LOVE.

Left some of my artistic "skillz" in their rad freedom wall... and I of course I couldn't resist sending out my love to the boyf, for shits and giggles. I miss my boyf tons!

thanks for the massive love you guys have been showing xx

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  1. rocker chic eden!! nice style..
    chada as in nindot kaayo!! haha bisaya??!

    followed you.. will you follow me too? hehe

    thanks much for dropping by..

  2. Babes, I love this! Look at you with that ass...haha! Grunge cool lang ang look!

  3. Wow and cute ng knit crop top mo! Did it have the distressed look when you got it, or did you diy? =) Super nice!

    And that's a beautiful necklace! =)

    followed you! <3

  4. Wow ang cool ng top mo! I want one!!! :)

  5. You are rocking those boots, Eden! Ikaw na! :)

  6. you look supremely seriously incredibly awesome - this outfit is amazing im in LOVE LOVE LOVE with your style xx

  7. Love everything from head to toe! Baka naman may extra centipede necklace ka pa, really really want to buy one :D

  8. omg I saw this when I was in gbelt5. My friends were too scared to go in coz it looked spooky from the outside. HAHA

  9. wow ka rocker... i love the skirt.... waaah. i want jud a long skirt and hope i cn wear em' to school. :D ur outfit never cease to amaze me... :D

  10. ive commented again... lolz. i wonder where u shop here in cebu?
    just awhile ago i went to two ukay2 shops... lolz. i was looking for long skirts jud.


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