Furious Rose by Shopyapi BTS

9:21 AM

l-r: Lyka Raagas, Philip Lapinid, Kim, Aoi, Gizelle, yours truly

My good friend and fellow blogger Gizelle of Vanilla Ice Cream finally has the second collection for her online store, ShopYapi. When she told that she was coming up with a grunge-ish shoot for her new pieces, we decided to go ahead and collaborate. I don't have much time to kill really but I enjoy helping out friends with their own endeavours. Besides, I can't really say no to Yapi.:) Dubbed Furious Rose, the collection is all about really cute and non-fussy dresses and pieces with a kind of edge to them. 

I did the creative direction and make-up for the shoot. Now before anyone asks, I'm just purely a make-up enthusiast, not really that good, but totally enjoy developing what little "talent" I have with it. I had a blast playing with Kim and Aoi's faces, who by the way have the most amazing creases for great eyeshadow blending. We wanted a kind of grunge, dishevelled-yet-pretty vibe to it, and I think we got that.

I can't wait for the final results from the shoot's official photog, Jonathan Carlobos of VEATA. I'm sure it's gonna rock.

I still have to edit a lot of the photos but for now, check out the BTS video from Phil of Fashion Toy Gun.

Shop Yapi "Furious Rose" BTS video. Styling by Gizelle Sembrano. Make-up and Creative Direction by moi. Styling Assistance by Lyka Raagas. Principal Photography by Jonathan Carlobos of VEATA. Video by Philip Lapinid

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  1. I love your shoot! I really want to be a part of ur whole collaboration team! Maski tig dala rako payong or kutaw ug kape! Heehehe! More power to you guys! Keep it up! My hats off to you and Ipay always :]

  2. chuia sa mga accessories uie... hehehe.

    i actually tried to learn how to do make up para sa photoshoots in the future. kay i love conducting photoshoots man. :D i hope u'll post some pics later. so i can be inspired pud. its almost a month since the last photoshoot i conducted.

  3. LOVE THE 'ORANGE DRESS', EDEN!!!! Checking out Shop Yapi now. :)) cant wait for this set!! ;)

  4. love the very fierce and gorgeous looks you've made. plus i love your outfit. very comfortable and i can feel it is still shouting summer despite of the storm and all ;)

    just followed your blog! will anticipate for your next posts!

    much love,

  5. love the make up.=)
    followed you, hope you'll follow me too.


  6. bitaw. nice kayg stuffs sa ukay2... ngtransform dramatically jud aqng closet because i went to ukay2 sa may countrymall and since its cheap (not so nuon kay mga 100+ but not more than 200), i bought 18 pcs. lolz. di dapat pinagpalipas. but sayang USC has a dress code so i cnt wear most of the stuffs i bought.
    im gonna try nya sa may robi, but probably mga next month na q buy. i still hav to wear all the 18 garments i just bought b4 buying again.

  7. that stands for Dairy Queen. :) It has a lot of branches in Manila. :)

    sure I'll follow you! :) follow me too? :) support pinay bloggers! :)


  8. btw, thanks for the visit! hope you could come back other time! :) followed you now. :)



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