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“When it comes to fashion, I have nothing to prove. I may not be the taste of some or most people but it doesn’t really affect me. You may follow a trend but in the end, it’s what you feel most comfortable with. I just happen to be comfortable in stilettos, mega platforms and a volume of fabric around me."
-Tessa Prieto-Valdes from a March 09 Philippine Star interview

Tessa Prieto-Valdes. Photos by Andrew Singco with Canon 5D

me, Andrew Singco, Tessa Prieto-Valdes, Oj Hofer, Yves Camingue. Photos from my 400D

Our brief but sweet encounter with Philippine society and media queen/top philanthropist Tessa Prieto-Valdes is definitely one of  my most remarkable memories during my stint in Manila. She wore Oj Hofer to the Fashion Watch show and just happened to drop by while we were at the studio for her fitting. I never really thought or expected that my small BTS work/styling assistant task for Oj Hofer would lead straight to a short exchange of words and ideas with this incomparable woman. A frequent fixture of all the top tier fashion events and soirees in the country, TPV is that one icon a lot of us fashion followers look up to and dream of meeting.

 She prefers to be swathed in tremendous amounts of fabric, prefers maximalism when it comes to her personal style, and never leaves home without a fascinator (she told me so herself). Regardless of how we individually perceive her, this much I can say: she wins people over not by title or status, but because she is just quite honestly one of the nicest and most down-to-earth people you'll ever meet in this lifetime. She walks into the room sans attitude and air, and just fills up the room with a lot of smiles, light and love. :)

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  1. wow Eden bigtime! :) ehehe so she's down-to-earth pala, wouldn't have thought. she looks good and you as well.

  2. i would have loved to meet her when she was here for the opening of hotel elizabeth. she's like the helena bonham carter of the PI but then again, she's tessa prieto-valdes.

  3. @gessyl: she really is, it's mindblowing. thank you! <3

    @chy: i love how she really doesn't care what people think so long as she wears what she wants when she wants.she sets an example jud.

    @ellen: truly! thanks for dropping by

  4. Hi Eden. My boyfriend and I love your style, from your accessories to shoes.:)
    btw, thank you for your touching comment. Please post soon, I'm excited to read it! I too will actually experience being away with my boyfriend very soon because he has to go back to his country.
    Thanks again! :)

  5. Big time gyud ka, eed! Saw her one time man sa Waterfront, I passed behind her. I was too shy to get a picture. I totally regret it now.

  6. hello eden. thanks for visiting my blog... i love urs... :D i love the photos and the clothes.. hehehe. hahaha. i really envy fashion bloggers. it inspires me to hunt for really cool clothes.

  7. i agree! she is really down to earth. she's also one of the most fun talents i've ever worked with. so glad you got to meet her. :)

  8. hi dear! love your blog.. you look so stylish and beautiful... followed you! :)

    hope you visit my blog too.. :)



  9. I used to see her a lot while I was still working in Manila Polo Club, but aside from morning greetings I never had the chance to talk to her. Haha. You're right, she really seemd like a down to earth person. All smiles, no frown. Lucky you! :))

  10. I love her attitude towards fashion gyud!

  11. darling, didn't realize that you posted these :)

    yes TPV is any designers' treasured muse and friend. she supports all designers, established and neo's alike and she always picks up the tab though on a couple of instances one forgot to bill her. that alone says a lot about how she values your work.


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