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Walter tweed blazer, old white shirt, old Dockers pants cut into shorts, DIY bowtie by Yves, Gold Dot Cassandra Platforms

moi, the Gomez sisters (the fiction i live and the red diary), Rabsin (Philippine Street Fashion), Vanessa East (one frozen margarita), Sweet (pens and lens), and Kristine (Instyle Cebu)

I can't stress enough just how grateful I am for the whole roller-coaster ride that is fashion blogging. This experience has helped bridge like-minded individuals like us to communicate and forge close friendships beyond the interwebs, and that is the real kicker there. It isn't awkward "blogger meets" anymore but rather just friends convening and having a great time. It's really awesome.

Always looking forward to more fantastic (mis)adventures with the people in these photos, as well as all those who haven't really touched base with me yet. Shoot me an email or a comment because I would all love to hear from you. :)

**thank you Sweet and Marco for the photos 

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  1. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! You guys are so awesome!!! It was a great honor to befriend you guys :D

  2. You ladies all look fantastic! Your shoes are ridiculously fabulous!!


  3. you all look beautiful! =) ang saya magbasa ng mga blogger meetup posts because everyone's always so fasyown. haha. This entry proves just that! =)

  4. i swear i'll be present next time!! :( The pictures are making me jealous to no end. gaah

  5. wow, I really like your outfit and these shoes are fierce!!
    also started following you :) you can follow me back here:

  6. omg your shoes are gorgeous! you all look fantastic!

  7. Woww, your shoes are AMAZING! It looks like such a fun get-together! :)

    And thanks for visiting my blog! ^^

  8. amazing

    your newest follower Michelle

  9. The shoes! I LOVE these shoes!

  10. Blogger meet ups are the best. and i love the shoes on you...I'm thinking of getting them.

  11. You are all so fabulous and stylish! And I love all of your shoes! Thanks for your comment-following you now!

    follow me back!

  12. your style is beyond awesome! followed you already!!=))


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