trappings cebu's AZUL fashion show (people)

2:48 PM

Bestfinds Xclusives "Vegas, Baby" blazer, Mango black tank, BimBim Haus studded shorts, assorted accessories, Sam Edelman-inspired booties from Shoesone courtesy of Cha Fuentes
Event host and sponsor Dr. Christine Fernandez and Trappings Cebu Creative Director and Proprietor Mabel Paredes

Dawn, who just started her blog, approached us for a phovto op. I got shy. Hi, Dawn!
Bigseed's April Rama and Kristine Roa of Instyle Cebu, Yves and Marian Quitevis

Almost a couple of weeks back, I got an invitation to attend the fashion show and grand launch of Trappings Cebu, an up-and-coming accessory line from the island. I have heard many compliments from other accessory lovers and I've seen their campaigns online, but I have really yet to check out their merchandise, so I was pretty excited to check out their presentation at Formo. I later on found out that the line was helmed by Mabel Paredes, a businesswoman who also happens to be the wife of an old colleague of mine, Bong Paredes. This stoked my enthusiasm to check out the goods even more, on top of the fact that their line has really been generating quite a lot of buzz.

The presentation was just filled with the most incredible one-off pieces that I've never seen much elsewhere. It was by all means pretty with a certain edge and I loved, loved, loved them(saying this without some sort of bias) very much. 

I'll be posting my favorites from the runway in my next post, so for now here's some of those who came and definitely enjoyed the night. Definitely had a blast over way too many mojitos. haha.

Also gotta mention Bestfinds Exclusives for this massively beautiful "ringleader" inspired blazer-- I haven't been in love with a cover-up this much for awhile.:)

**Photos from my 400D and Hazel Pax

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  1. YOU LOOK FANTASTIC! :) love the shorts and the shoes !!!

    Still rocking the red ;)

  2. Eden,that's one hell of an awesone blazer! Britney's "circus" automatically played in my head.;p

  3. that blaaazzzeeeerrrrr. you so rockstar!

  4. babe i want your blazer!!! you look chica as always.:) yey for events there in cebu!:) miss you guys!

  5. Looking good in your red cover-up, Eden and your shoes, loove it! :]
    I checked their stall in Maze Ayala and yes, I love the pieces too :]

  6. Wow I love that shorts and shoes Eden :)
    Thank you for dropping by my blog
    I'm already following you!

  7. Damn girl! Haha! I wanna rip that gorgeous pair of shorts off you from the screen! :)) You're lovely!

  8. I-hello mo nga ako sa blazer mo! :D

  9. Hahahah. I got shy-errr. Thanks, Eden! :)))


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