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what you get from a typical enjoy card set

Let's all face it: as much as most of us yuppies wish to stash away most of our hard-earned money into our bank accounts, we can't really get by without going out and blowing a lot of it off  on partying, shopping, dining out, and everything else that makes us kind of happy. Funny (or sad, depends on how desperate you want to save, hehe) as that may seem, but that is the hard fact. We wish we can avert all that, but we really can't. That's life!

If this kind of lifestyle is as true for you as it is with mine, then consider the Enjoy Card your bestest best friend. With over P250,000 in discounts and offers, as well as 10-50% off at hundreds of the best restaurants, clubs, hotels, and other premier lifestyle establishments in the country, this is a must-have to truly enjoy some of life's necessary pleasures for the fraction of the price. On top of the card, they'll even give you this uh-mazing voucher book for a lot of free stuff.

Just having my Enjoy card for less than a month got me a bunch of unbelievable freebies:

Min Min's Prawn Roulade at Big Mao
(beyond delicious) Crispy Pata at Chika-an

Drooling yet? Again, got them FREE and they didn't even require a minimum purchase (of course, you have to order something else. LOL).

Absolutely no networking schemes hidden costs or whatever, just a straight-up discount card with a whopping set of benefits packed in. But hey hey, not to worry, it looks like I will be raffling off some Enjoy cards to some lucky readers very, very soon. Watch for it.:) 

For more of Enjoy, make sure to visit them at

Grazie to Kristine Gonzalez for my complimentary Enjoy card.

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  1. Not sure but is this for sale at Fully Booked? Again I'm not sure but I think I see this in bookstores haha.

  2. Heard about this already! I want to have one too!! Freebies and lots of discounts, so tempting!! :)

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Ooohh.. this is a good deal. Thanks for sharing. :D


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