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8:15 AM

(top-bottom) 1) Dane in Yves Identify and Topshop Moto red metallic finish jeans, 2) hair and make-up by Jessie Glova Style Salon on Aoi, 3) Yves (in mariachi hat) and Hannah Bacalla at work, 4)photographer Hannah Bacalla working with model Aoi, 5)goat, 6) Vanessa East, Sven Chua, Aoi and children, 7) my styling for Dane and Aoi, 8) couture footwear by Monica Fig, 9) Dane striking a pose in Topshop jeans and Janilyn footwear

I've been a horrible blogger this past weekend. I haven't done much visiting (of other blogs) and much updating because as always, it was intense and there was much to do. Nothing new, right? I promise though that I'll try to do all the catching up this week. 

Like I mentioned some posts prior, me and Yves got the chance to collaborate with Topshop for a shoot especially for us, by us, and to execute as we see fit. I've been slowly trying to add more things to my styling portfolio so I was more than stoked for this opportunity. Yves, who is one of the most recognized stylists in our  city, gladly relinquished the "seat" to me to do creative direction this time. He himself wishes to "leave" the styling mould to focus more on his work as a designer. I'm sure he will still be more than glad to take styling projects though.:)

This shoot also gave us the chance to reunite with Hannah Bacalla, one of Yves' earliest collaborators for photography and someone we  look up to dearly. If you want to check out more of Hannah's awe-inspiring work, you can check out her site here. You'll be exiting with your jaw hanging.

These are just BTS shots taken from my camera. Can't wait to share Hannah's shots with you guys!

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  1. amazing! im soo attracted to the metallic jeans!

  2. Stunning pics! Loving those wedges! - Mar
    Btw,I'm hosting a giveaway with a beautiful neck piece inspired from the House of Harlow at stake plus an additional scarf too! Do join if you can, it's open international!

  3. wow! great photos! cebuano pride :]

  4. looks like a very stylish shoot- love the styling and everything! great job!

    btw, the location looks very familiar but i can't seem to figure it out!


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