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3:51 PM

me and Hazel Pax... working wonders during the interview day

I've been writing for quite a long time, but still, I can't begin to describe just how surreal it felt seeing my work printed in a Manila-based glossy. It just felt like the power pep talks I've always had to give to my own self whenever life felt futile somewhat worked when I saw the byline. I don't think I've actually jumped that high with glee for a long time. Hehe.

If you're in Manila (not too sure where this is circulated in Cebu.. hmmm), please do grab a copy of vol. 3 of SHOT Magazine.  Covering everything from interesting personalities, to the music and art scene, as well as the hippest places to go, Shot is taking what you know of an average magazine and gave it a fresher, more vibrant take.

Mucho thanks to Shot EIC April Datuin, Production Director Ben Harvey and to all those who silently gave my piece a thumbs up in the editing floor. Pax, for taking great shots and for the initial idea for the article, and Chef O, for being naturally brimming with so much character that it made the article just kind of write itself. 

Shot, you ain't seen the last of me :D

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  1. Hi Eden! Congrats on your article! Will grab a copy of Shot as soon as possible. =)

  2. Congratulations! You did a great job.

  3. congrats on the article! good job! =D

  4. Congrats! How exciting!! It is an amazing feeling, right? Nothing like it. Good job!
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