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wearing a thrifted button down shirt, thrifted satchel, Body English vest, shorts from Penshoppe, Gucci belt, platforms from Gold Dot

Quick tidbit: I used to dress up like such a prep way back in college. And no, not even a chic prep but a totally dowdy looking one. We didn't have to wear uniforms in UP but I wore a white button-up, argyle vests, gray or tan slacks, and loafers on a regular basis. Let's just say that I'm glad times have kind of changed. Hehe.

I was feeling particularly reminiscent of those times when I stepped out in this. Sigh, college was fun. I also got to use this amazing real leather satchel that I bought for a whopping price of P50 pesos (1 dollar), and I love it to bits. Whoever invented thrifting is a god.

Me and my friend Marco finally got to try out Zubuchon,which is totally the restaurant du jour in Cebu at the moment based on how everyone's raving about it. It was sensational. Visit if you haven't.

Oh, and I'm totally hooked to the genius of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3.4. Can't believe I just started using it. Can't wait to process more pictures!:)

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  1. fricken amazingggorgasmic shoes! love the entire outfit <3

  2. Loved your preppy look Ms Eden! I'm so inlove with your shoes. They look awesome. Btw, I also use Lightroom! ;P It's the best thing there is. Bongga ang software na yan. Hehe.

  3. I like how you post processed that picture in the cafe!

  4. Hala, interesting lagi nang Zubudobo dish. What happened to yer knee?

  5. i like this look... and the shoes!!! so awesome... :D

  6. eden! love the preppy look on you and must try that zubochon in escario. :)

  7. those shoes are insane!!! I love them!


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