make your own havaianas 2011

1:28 PM

photbooth with my homegays Yves and Dominic Sy
at the assembly line
some of the food finger food offerings during the opening event. definitely loved the Havaianas fish n' chips.. world in a plate talaga
ran into a bunch of media and blogger friends during the event: (l-r top row) Ms Quennie Bronce of the Freeman and RCTV's and Alejandro's Alexis Yap.
(bottom row)with members from Cebu Bloggers Society (CBS)
different stages during my TV interview for RCTV. talked about my experience attending the MYOH for 3 consecutive years
can't complete this post without a shot of them close friends
the end result--Havaianas Slim pair with special limited edition MYOH2011 sole pins of the Eiffel Tower and the Roman Colosseum. 
the most "summery" i can get out of my closet (most were still on the way to the laundry)

Make Your Own Havaianas has truly achieved a status here in the Philippines one could only describe as iconic. Countless Filipinos perceive of it as their very own mid-year Christmas bonanza as hundreds of sole, strap, and pin options are vividly and appealingly presented to each of our own personal biddings every year without fail. 

This year, Havaianas regional distributor A.L. Amizade, together with events and PR partner Bigseed Media and Marketing Solutions decided to take us loyal Havaianaticos to a luxurious traipse all around the world with their "summer jetsetter" inspired theme. Adorable strap pins of iconographic landmarks from all over the world were offered this time, such as the Eiffel Tower, Roman Colosseum, the I love NY logo, and many more. 

After much deliberation, I decided to go for a fleshtone commemorative sole and Eiffel and Colosseum pins. Really cute.

Can't thank A.L. Amizade and Bigseed enough for never forgetting us bloggers and for inviting me to their opening event three years in a row now. Can't wait for next year!

Havaianas is available in Rustan’s and All Flip Flops SM and Ayala. A.L. Amizade Marketing, Inc. is the exclusive sub-distributor of Havaianas in Central and Eastern Visayas. In Cebu, Havaianas is also available in July, Republik, Maribago Blue Water Resort, Abaca Boutique Resort and R.O.X Ayala. The Havaianas Kid's line is also available at Ballooney. For more information, check out

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  1. now go get yourself some sun, sea and sand, Eden! cute flipflops!

  2. cute flipflops!
    yey. I'm excited to meet you.:) come ha! btw, watch Skins. you'll really love the styling of that show.

  3. Eden! I love your pink laced top!! I got surprised because it's the first time I saw you in pink. ;] BTW, love your new Havai!
    Yes, about the cleavage comment, hahahha! Push-up bra rato gwaps! lol! :]

  4. Amazing post! I love havaianas for the beach!
    Thank you for comment on my blog!

  5. the food looks out of this world and you all look fantastic! :)


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