Cebu for Bloggers United 2

11:10 AM

my participant's ID with a custom wire tag by the supertalented Anagon
With my girl and blog superstar Kookie B--no need for introductions as you all know how jawdropping Kookie is, but she also happens to be one of the most down-to-earth people you'll ever meet.

Style blogging superstars Paul Jatayna, Mike Magallanes, and Karl Leuterio. Totally starstruck with the three but again, they're incredibly nice. Mike and I have been commenting on each other's blogs since 2009!

Aivan Magno's DIY leather jacket with studs

Mayhem on the gymnasium floor! Bloggers and buyers everywhere

Sponsor booths from Meg Magazine and Ferretti shoes

Belle's crazy python Litas! She has the most extensive collection of these babies

Bloggers, all: Kaye Awatin of The Style Flux, Rovie Divinagracia of The Bargain Doll, Maria Pizarro of I'm a Vintage Bee

OS goodies!! Can't wait to get me a piece of this

with the lovely Belle of Bellavanite, and my loves Sarah Tirona of Fashion Eggplant, Ava Te of Artsy Fartsy Ava, and Aie Corpuz of In Aie's Shoes

with mother Aisa Ipac of Drowning Equilibriums
Goodies galore from our sponsors

Gillian, Vanessa, Alexa, Gizelle, Mildred and moi--Cebu Bloggers for Bloggers United 2 :) (I'm wearing a top from Oxygen and a skirt from Forever 21)

I know this post on Bloggers United 2 is extremely overdue-- it's been almost two months, my red hair has already completely faded out, but here I still am racking my brains on how to go about  putting all of it in one post. It's really hard to encapsulate  BU2 in a few paragraphs and photos- yes, Bloggers United in Manila is that awesome. Seeing in the flesh the older bloggers that I got close to online over the years, as well as meeting new ones and interacting with blog readers and stylish shoppers... definitely highlights we all can't forget. I took pictures and gawked like a crazed fangirl most of the time. Hard to imagine why one wouldn't!

I'd like to congratulate and thank once more the blogger triumvirate of Anagon, Aisa and Melai for helming another successful round of BU, with this time extending their reach to us Cebu-based bloggers and letting us experience this incomparable gathering. This event, however, will not be possible without the generous support of Multiply Philippines, who partnered with BU and sponsored the airfare for us Cebu bloggers. Major thank you as well to all the other sponsors for making sure we had a lot of great freebies to take home. Thank you to all of you!

And to my fellow BU2 participants, other bloggers and readers alike, we owe this to you! We don't get a lot of the blogger action and perks being here in Cebu, but being able to attend this fete makes what we do so worth it.

Till the next Bloggers United!

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  1. Hi, Eden! Nalingaw ko nagtan-aw sa imong outfit. The first thing I noticed was you wore three different pairs of shoes. :) :)

  2. i wish there would be a cebu edition of this event. :) -ethy

  3. sucks that i missed this! i was sick that time :(

  4. OMGGG I still can't believe why we have no photo together during the BU2!!! :( But anywayyy I'm so much looking forward to the next one and to see you, of course!! Lovely photos, btw, babe!


  5. Lovely pictures, Eden! :) Kookie's really humble. The first I saw her was during a blogger meet-up at Happyy Lemon Greenhills, and she asked for my help in choosing what drink to buy! :) Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog,btw! :)


  6. You're not just good with outfits but with words too. I shouldn't miss BU3! Haha! That's totally unforgivable.

  7. look amazing gurrrllll <3 i adore your blog!!! want to follow each other??? goodluck in the blog world ^^

  8. Glad to meet you babe! hope I can see you again next time :)


  9. I was super shy to say at first...but so glad I did! Stay long in Manila next time, k??

  10. Looks like it was tons of fun and such a great experience! Love your skirt and those snake skin chunky heels... so awesome! xoxo

  11. Hi Eden! Thanks for the lovely comment in my blog.
    Hoping to see you on the next BU event. Papa-picture din ako. ;)

  12. Gorgeous post! You look waay beyond stunning!!
    Fantastic blog btw!
    Hope you could check out my blog,
    tell me what you think through a comment or so
    and follow me back if you'd like here




  13. Oh wow! That's so exciting! I really love your chunky boots. Those are an interesting choice of shoes ;)



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