Iced Out at Luxx

11:55 AM

wearing a panelled pleather, jersey and mesh cutout dress from Oxygen, cutout shoes from H&M

Like I mentioned several posts prior, I don't really step out and paint the town red as much as I used to anymore, but I couldn't skip hanging out with my some of my favorite blogger friends (that I don't see as much as I used to these days), seeing an international DJ at work, and yes... I can't say no to an open bar invitation! Lol.

I'd like to thank the lovely duo of Jaja Chiongbian-Rama and April Rama of Bigseed Media for inviting me, my girl Kristine, Vanessa and other bloggers to the awesomeness that was the Iced Out Party at Luxx. We got giddy over the free-flowing vodka and enjoyed the crazy mixes of DJ JAY-P, one of Los Angeles' most sought after mix masters who has come to share the stage with the hottest names in music, such as the Black Eyed Peas, Kanye West, Rihanna, Nas, Dwele, Flo-Rida, T.I., Sean Paul, and many others. It's always a great deal of torture to dance in extremely high heels, but then again with great company, vodka galore and killer music, it was still pretty worth it!

Kudos to Luxx at Vudu for always upping the ante each and every single time xx

For more information, visit,, email or contact 0917 7100 300 or  0917 7100 400 for table reservations and inquiries.

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  1. I haven't been to a good party in a while too. Must be my age :)) That bandage dress with leather panels looks great! On a side note, you're right about our styles being so different but I always love how you style them.

    P.S. Where did vanessa get her boots?! I'm drooling over them.

  2. Wah! I've only been to a bar once and it was awesome, but I was (relatively) conservative back then, and I want to experience what you just did here! And the DJ sounds good :D

    Almira :)

  3. The photos expressed how fun this party was! :) Gorgeous niyo lahat, babe! :) Love your Oxygen dress, btw! You look so good on it! ♥ Hugs from Manila, babe!


  4. Fun photos! :)
    I love your dress and accessories! :)
    Partyyyyyy <3

  5. ang gabing ito ay kalerk. agi lang sa ko, gang. hahaha aymishu and see ya tomorra.

  6. It's been two years since I went clubbing. Haha! Walay joke. Love your dress, Eden. Mura'g na feel nako imong sentiment katong niingon ka na daots Nicole Richie.


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