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2:16 AM

very sloppy blur tool work by yours truly. haha.
manual blur tool... NOT doing it like a boss
Dominatrix multibuckle shoes from Michael Antonio. Timeless!
hope no one was bored during my talk.:p
impromptu script reading with a student. we read a scene from "500 Days of Summer"

I didn't get to take this home unfortunately. Shucks. 
leather sleeved blazer from Mango, thrifted wraparound top, tribal-print skirt from Forever 21, sunnies from Accessorize, downtown and SM men's cuff, shoes from Michael Antonio

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my friend and fellow fashion blogger Philip of the The Fourth Kid and his entire Mass Communications class in the University of San Jose-Recoletos for having me as their guest speaker during their workshop/talk on the highs and lows of the local acting scene. I'm not a professional actor, but acting is somewhat my left hand passion (whereas fashion is my right hand--no biases, both realms are loved equally) and it's a key part of who I am. I don't exactly expect national fame, prestige, or money (especially that, lol) with my occasional stints in acting, and more people might know me more as a girl who hosts occasionally and keeps a fashion blog, but the few friends who have worked with me as an actor knows the level of passion I give to it, perks or no perks. THESPIAN went really well, and it was great to have an audience  that was genuinely interested to hear my humble adventures as an actor. You kids were great! Thank you again.

For my talk I wanted to wear something a bit more dressy but still had a lot of my personality, so I went with this ensemble with its pops of color (I've been wearing more of that lately!). Also, I'd like to apologize beforehand if you'll see me a lot in this Mango blazer-- I guarantee that it will be a repeat offender in my outfit posts. I will literally live in this gorgeous blazer if I can. Haha.

Thank you for stopping by! I'll be returning your comments asap xx

**all photos courtesy of Philip Lapinid IV of The Fourth Kid

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  1. Love your skirt Eden, multi-talented gal. Keep your spunk rushin' babe! ;)

  2. Ikaw na Miss Eden :) Love the Gladiator heels <3 God Bless .

  3. nindot ug effect ang blurry background :D I didn't know you are an actor diay. would love to see that side of you :D

  4. Tell me, Eden, why are so gorgeous all the time?? Haha I love your tribal print skirt! Will raid F21 now to have that! :) Congratulations for being their guest speaker! I knew you did great!


  5. adore these photos love! interesting mix of colors.:)

  6. Oh my! I love your shoes! that kind of style is so hot this year!


  7. loving all the colors!

    Kelly Love

  8. Oh my, I'm in love with your tribal print skirt, Eden! :)

  9. Love the skirt and shoes!! Interesting to learn about this other side of you, I didn't know acting was one of your passions.


  10. wow getting interviewed!!;) love it! and i am loving your layering and colorful outfit, babe!

  11. wow! i love the heels! and love love love the skirt!!!! <3 <3 <3

  12. Hi. Newbie here. liking your blog and your style. love this outfit of your, it's very colorful, classy yet edgy. And i'm drooling over your Michael Antonio shoes. ;)

  13. hi eden! i just read your comment about The Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf. I'd love to be part of that circle! so, how do we go about it? :D

  14. Being asked to talk about something you really love is a recognition in itself :) congrats eden! :)

  15. Awesome outfit!! :)

    Followed your blog, again! :) I moved to a new home, and I'll appreciate it a lot if you could follow back! :)

    Thank you!


  16. awesome gyud ka gwaps sa? :P power kau ang michael antonios!!

  17. Congrats for this babe! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  18. oh eden, i am so in love with your style! the leather blazer looks so nice. love the tribal skirt too. and those shoes, killer! =)

    I Am Dollparts

  19. Phil got the right person to speak in front of those kids. Congrats, Eden!

  20. I love your skirt! <3


  21. your style is so adorable :) i like it.


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