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11:56 AM

DIY python print detachable collar with spikes, thrifted purple knit jumper, Levis 718 Superlow jeans, silver brogues from Schu, DIY Luv AJ-inspired hand harness, spike and stud cuffs from SM men's accessories

Hello loves! I know it's been a few days since I posted a personal update here in the blog-- I had to host an event on Saturday, got my basic certicate on make-up on Sunday (more on both later... talk about backlogs galore), and it's just been hectic since then. I'll be one of the hosts to do live TV coverage for SkyCable during Sinulog 2012 as well, so that's bound to be interesting. I'm not sure if they're showing it nationwide but if they do... pressure! Haha. We'll see how it goes.

Just sharing this quick outfit post that we did earlier while buying materials downtown (Thank you Yves for my shots). I've always loved the vibe and energy of the area, plus, it's a DIYer's paradise. And speaking of, I particularly love this prep-inspired outfit because I'm sporting two DIYs which I made in just ONE sitting. Seriously! I made detachable collar and the Luv AJ-inspired hand harness in a span of around three hours... Couldn't be prouder of myself. Haha. 

Anyway, I'd like to thank fellow blogger Philip of The Fourth Kid for inviting me to be the keynote speaker of his college department's acting exposition.

I'm truly honored, Phil! Yes... when I'm not blogging or working hard for the money, I enjoy acting whenever the opportunity presents itself. Heheh. 

Be back w another blogpost tomorrah! xx

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  1. Chiq and Preppy :) DIY python colllar is Love ! Dont know what to say about the top , thought its from topshop or any international brands ! Kudos :) Perfect outfit . Xo Mis Eden !

    - ohsomefrankie

  2. you look really gorgeous and fierce here eden. oh and i loooove your accessories! :)

  3. you are so good at this! gush collars! #wishingforaneck lol

  4. Your DIYs are looking great! I'm thrilled to hear about your hosting gigs! Have a blast you'll do great!


  5. LOVE the collar... I really want one. Make me one? hehe

  6. Eden, suya ko sa bracelet and collar! It's weird that I make so many collars for the shop but I haven't made one for me lang. haha. LOVE this look so much!! xx

  7. Love the it! Awesome DIY collar. So brave to had photo opts at downtown area. Love the outfit. :) Hooray for being a guest speaker, great poster! :)

    Jewel Clicks

  8. I so love your DIY collar eden! :) *steal. hehe. Perfect downtown prepster outfit!

  9. Gorgeous outfit, babe! You did great with the DIY collar! I waaant!!! :-O Plus the DIY arm harness is just so lovely. Wish I had such talent. Anyway, I know you deserve all those blessings, kaya even if you have backlogs galore... go lang!! ♥♥


  10. Wow Eden, how nice your photos! Love!:)

  11. babe!!! you na okay! lol, love your clutch babe and congrats on being key pseaker. :)

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    WIN, new loafers, Pur Minerals essentials kit, 3k gc from Fia Manilla!

  12. Goodluck with the hosting job, Eden!! :) For sure you'll do great! :)

  13. You're an actress? I didn't know that. So talented. :)

  14. love your DIY!=D and congrats on being the keynote speaker,=D

  15. super bongga the outfit!! i love the DIY collar!! <3
    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

  16. MULTIMEDIA = EDEN na gyud! Suya ko sa imong spiked bracelets and I have yet to go downtown. Na busy man gud kog maayo sa work ug love life oi. Haha!

    Ukay ra ang downtown sa imong outfit, for sure.

  17. Vongga! Hope you win, babe!!!

    I cant believe the thing is DIY! Can you make one for me too? LOL! Love the detachable collar too!

  18. love the look!! cool collar & shoes!!
    sorry for getting back to you so late (referring to you comment). I thought the movie, Girl with The Dragon Tattoo was good, but the book was better. I heard there was a Swedish version of the movie that came out a couple of years ago. I wanna check that version out. thnx for stopping by & leaving me a comment :)

  19. eden, nangutana si kris aquino if imo na ba daw siya pulihan as queen of all media. HAHA! achib ang speaker sa forum!

  20. I love this look and wow! Those are two awesome DIYs! :) This is making me crave for purple though it's not particularly a becoming color on me

  21. def fierce!! and the accessories are <3

    Badkisss < can you follow me back? thanks!

  22. Yeah, I really like your XXL clutch! So cool!
    Nice blog! :)


  23. Yay i wonder how did the hosting went love? I dont have tv boooo! Haha gusto kog picture ngari :(


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