26 Resolutions for my 26th Birthday

11:49 AM

Me with a teeny tiny slate

Today, I've crossed over to the dark side: I've officially entered my late 20s. As much as I hate to admit it, I  can't go back anymore to the crazy, hazy, carefree days of my early youth. I think this is the time when I'm supposed to start to "reevaluate" my life and make "serious" plans about my future or something, which freaks me out in ways I can't describe. There's something so... intense and stressful about the thought of growing old that it's downright scary at times. But then again we can't stop the inevitable from happening, so the best thing to do is to roll with the punches, albeit looking chic doing it, hopefully.

Here's 26 resolutions I can think of at the moment (as in right now) as I move forward to another year:

1) To be a better blogger, no matter what direction my blog takes.
2) To be very prolific as an actor not just with how many projects I do, but with the quality of what I'm doing.
3) To make more time for really important things in life, no matter how hard it gets. I'm missing out on way too much quality time with everyone.
4) To shop better. Not more, just better in how I make buying decisions. And yes, to be less impulsive.
5) To be a better girlfriend. I think I give my boyfriend too much hell sometimes.
6) To get into Hollywood? Kidding. To try to direct, produce and write more work for film, definitely.
7) To complete my IAFT acting scholarship with flying colors.
8) To balance eating well and eating healthy.
9) To travel more. I'm seriously hell-bent in doing this.
10) To be a better parent to my dog.
11) To close lids on everything I touch and not leave stuff open or ajar. This weird mannerism is always present when I'm really stressed, much to my boyfriend's chagrin.
12) To drop 10 pounds. Lol
13) To be less scatterbrained. I am, quite honestly, the most scatterbrained person I know. Not proud!
14) To read people better; not to be too trusting or distrusting to anyone new that I meet.
15) To buy more flats. I am getting old, after all.
16) To take care of my job. I've got an entire company riding on me to do my job well.
17) To prioritize health over wealth... well health is wealth, isn't it? 
18) To seek inspiration from new things, places, and people. We can all learn so much if we allow ourselves the space to embark on the things we don't know yet.
19) To know the right times when to be agressive at getting something and when to take a step back.
20) To complain less and to appreciate more.
21) Get back to reading a lot of books. I've got the attention span of a goldfish these days.
22) To learn the value of saying "no" sometimes.
23) To give back and to pay it forward whenever I possibly can.
24) To try and get back into fitness! There's absolutely no excuse for not exercising.
25) To be a better daughter and sister.
26) To simply just be better. 

Wow, that was quite a mouthful. Thank you to all my friends who remembered my birthday! ILY all xx

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  1. Happy Birthday again Eden! love yah!

  2. Love, I think most of these things apply to me as well... IMY! Happy birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday Eden!x I'm sure you had a blast on your special day. By the way, I'm pointing out resolution 15, we are not that old yet! Keep the heels coming :)

  4. Love the 26 things. Cheers to us!! =)


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