Film School Daze: The Art of Not Saying A Word

2:25 PM

"Blue Tie", an MOS film by Jean Claire Dy
BTS Photos by Mikey Huang

"That Evening" an MOS film by Mic Zerda

More often than not, there's just more to silence than what we can conceive. When we choose to say mum, we actually get to "say" more. May it be with our eyes or our actions, there's more than the spoken word to say what we really feel. And when it has to be, that's more than enough.

I've been mum, quite sadly, for over two weeks here in my beloved blog. I hated doing that. I don't know if you're following my daily rants and struggles on twitter or facebook, but I just, quite simply, had to take some load off my shoulders. There's something about doing work and school at the same time that gets the very best of you. I'm not being defeatist about the whole thing, quite honestly it's great for the most part, but it just really knocks the wind right out of me. There's very little time for fashion in my life for the past weeks-- I could go on and regale you about my life as an acting student in film school, but then again, this is a fashion blog, after all. I needed some time to recoup. I also needed to stop and enjoy what was going on right around me-- the meeting of new faces and friends, shooting new projects I'm passionate about... it's been great, I wouldn't trade it for anything, though I know I'd have to sacrifice time for a lot of other things.

For now I'll press forward, more like trudge forward, until my reality shifts again into something easier on the palate. Probably I'll keep my silence every now and then, or maybe not. We'll see what happens.

For now, here's some BTS photos of some of the stuff we've been working on at IAFT. Apt with today's blogpost title as these are MOS (motor only sync) films. Can't wait to see the final results of these projects--at times, the best stories don't even require a dialogue.

More later! Oh and I hope you like the new look! xx

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  1. it must be really exciting to be in film school! :)

  2. I really love the new look of your blog, Eden.

    We have some catching up to do. Also, my blog is more of an online diary now as oppose to it being a fashion blog. I still love dressing up but when you're at it, like posting regularly, you experience a bit of a fashion overdose.I need some major make-over in the blog and in the actual, present, life.

  3. The only thing I'd ever want to see in this fashion blog of yours is you doing what you like at the moment, saying what you wish to say. If it's dressing up, then yay. If it's film school, then yay. Its not just a "fashion blog"-- it's your public diary. ily :)

  4. Yes, Eden, I really love the new look!
    And don't worry if you want to rant about things other than fashion here. I visit your blog for stories about you...not what you wear...(but of course that is a plus)

    Rant girl if you want...we're here to listen! :)
    Good luck on your projects! Be happy!

  5. LOVE, loving the new look! amazing!


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