To Gloomy Days, Layers and Prints

1:08 PM

contrast moto zip jacket
Contrast leather moto jacket and cuff from Nastygal (from Kookie's giveaway) | birds of paradise print pullover from Romwe | Manta shades from Fly Shades | vintage Trussardi satchel | assorted accessories

photos by my significant other Thaad Sabolboro

First outfit post of the year, woot woot. I've been gone from the interwebs long enough, and it's definitely been awhile since I last posted anything wardrobe or outfit-related on this blog. Steering clear from the blogosphere has served the hermit in me well as I haven't been feeling too "fashion blogger-y" for awhile.  I haven't had much of the incessant urge or time to document everything I wear, or pose just about every corner to make my usual angles... I think this phase comes and goes for just about everyone who goes into fashion blogging. We sometimes feel like we've lost a bit of our mojo, or get lost in other pleasures and interests.. it happens. Here's me trying to get back with my first love.

Thank you to Kookie and GCashAmex for this wonderful contrast moto jacket, which I've been nearly married to for weeks now. Cebu weather has been kinder and perfectly gloomy for some leather-wearing lately. Hope it keeps up.

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  1. Wow! Glad your back. Haven't seen any blog posts from you lately, but no worries, I know how busy you are. Somehow your readers like me are glad na naka balik naka.. =)



  2. hey babe, i've been feeling the same way lately, my ass has just been too lazy to dress up, besides there's nowhere really to go so why bother? :P havent been out lately. anyway, i miss! ggorgeous jacket :)

  3. love the jacket and shoes! <3

  4. The jacket looks lovely! <3 :) These photos are quite refreshing!!

  5. I totally feel you, sometimes a girl just doesn't want to blog! But I'm definitely glad you've finally have an outfit post! Love your jacket!


  6. This is so great! Love the different mixtures ♥ Great experiment, Miss Eden ♥

  7. look amazing, eden! missed your outfit posts! :)

  8. Hello babe... it is nice seeing your outfit posts... I cant wait for our next meet up and more meet up considering that I will be staying in Cebu for good...


  9. I love the bag and jacket very much looks very nice the top is so colorful and looking outstanding.
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  10. Hi there! I have an important query lang. About ur NASTYGAL jacket, did u pay taxes and duties upon arrival sa mga items? Ilang days po ba ang antay nyo? Please answer po.


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