Get Your Plaid On

9:32 AM

Details: Etoile Isabel Marant top from Gizelle | Langrand satchel | leather shorts bought from Worldbex Bazaar | ankle booties from Mango (bought from Kookie)

Hello lovers! I hope you've had a fun and carefree weekend! I'm still reeling from all the Oscar 2013 buzz from yesterday. I still haven't come to terms with some of the decisions (I'm looking at you, Best Makeup category!), but overall enjoyed Seth MacFarlane's cheeky, risky (he's still getting a lot of backlash from those "sensitive" jokes) and downright hilarious fratboy-meets-Broadway take on Oscars hosting. What were your favorite parts? Did you also feel that some nominees were "robbed"?

I wanted to share this quick and super backlogged outfit post taken back in December. On the way home from Manila after BU4, I was feeling more "bad hair day" and scruffier than the usual so I quickly put on this ensemble before checking out. Plaid seems to be a spring 2013 trend, so this Etoile Isabel Marant top was a welcome addition for my back-to-Cebu luggage. Me and Gizelle were wise enough to exchange unsold items after Bloggers United, and safe to say we both went home pretty happy.:)

I'll be posting much more this week so hope you stay tuned!:)

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  1. Nice plaid top! Angayan ka.. =)


  2. Love the outfit. It looks so easy but because of the boots, you made your look so amazing! Chic and edgy ♥

  3. Agree with the Best Make-up category! Di ko mosugot nga pildi ang hobbits sa uling/walang ligo make-up!

  4. ma, the top fits you well. my shoulders are too broad so it's ill-fitting on me. i am lurving my oxblood vest! yey to clothes swap! <3

    ♥ latest post: "hale manna part 1: tribal print x polka dots" at vanilla ice cream | a cebuana's personal style blog ♥


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