Throwback : The Skinny Story

11:44 PM


Wearing mixed fabric blazer from Yves Identify | Neil Barrett tank | thrifted pants | H&M emerald satin pumps | Tonic sequined clutch

Photos courtesy of Dr. Francis Xavier Solis

Whatever you do to your body, it will make you pay it back with a vengeance. After advocating the "skinny bitch" lifestyle for the longest time --okay, that may be a tad bit harsh -- I just realized that I've gained quite a bit of weight. As much as I love my man, we honestly do need to start watching what we eat. I think that's what it feels like for a lot of long-term couples, because really, dating and dining comprises a whole lot of time in any relationship. You'll go out, and you'll eat. You'll want to try the latest "it" restaurants, hoard amazing pastas and philly cheese steaks, and order desserts for two. Being single for the longest time in the past, I saw the change in my eating attitudes and I honestly thought I could get away with it. Many flabs and with thunder thighs galore later,  I often ask myself, "what the heck happened?".

Since summer is once again around the corner, I find myself reminiscing, looking at pictures of my old , fitter self and desperately hoping I could bring some of the sexy back. I realized that I haven't blogged about this look yet. I also realized that I haven't tried hard yet enough. All I do is make these vague promises to myself, and plop my ass back down again and do nothing about it. I understand now that I need to pay the price for "letting myself go" with a lot of actual hard work and patience. I think I'm ready.

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  1. Same here. Now that Summer will officially take over next month, I find myself browsing my old pics taken a year ago. It felt depressing to stare at my tummy with not so obvious bulges than now. Sigh. I always promise to watch my eating but I just can't. Okay I will do for succesive 3 days and after that na-da. Gah!

    XX, IamJenniya

  2. It really takes a hell-lot of dedication if one wants to maintain a "fit" physique.

    My boyfriend and I are both struggling with our weights too. XD

    xo, Geek Gone Girly

  3. First of all, looooove the blazer, Eden!

    Well, I feel for you, Eden! Haha! I just got out of a long term relationship and have realized that it has really taken a toll on my weight. Haha! But now I've been working out and hopefully before June (target month) I'm good for a new workout venture I'm planning out and been prepping myself for. Hahahaha! :D

  4. Hala sige love... ibalik na jud ang alindog program.. I lost weight but I think I am gaining it back again... of course being stress free and happy can somtimes bring back the weight... can we be depress all the time???

    hahahhaha... looking forward for summer love...



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