Of Spiked Caps and Sportswear

11:12 AM

Wearing spiked baseball cap and cat-eye sunglasses from Romwe | thrifted pullover | white wrap skirt from Zara | zipper necklace and spiked cuff from Vintage Attic Batangas | black ankle-strap sandals from Belle Shoes

all photos by Thaad A Sabolboro

Hope you ladies, gents and all my loves in between had an awesome Valentines day. I know I had a great one spending lunch with my significant other and dinner with my mom and sister. I didn't really do Valentines in the past (being a super cynic and all), but this year, it kinda felt good not just having one but three dates in one night.:)

Just wanted to share this quick outfit post before I turn in for the night. After much mulling, I recently acquired this Romwe spiked cap for myself. And while it seems like its a bit too popular among the blogging circles, I thought this would be perfect for my horrendously bad hair days (which would be everyday haha). Caveat emptor though: prepare for a thorough head workout as this thing weighs a ton!

I wore this outfit during the first day of Bloggers United 4... snapped up a few shots in front of the incredibly picturesque Picasso Boutique Residences before heading to the WTC. More on that later.

Anyway, a special shoutout to the online shop Vintage Attic Batangas for sending me some awesome stuff through the mail! Make sure to check them for A-grade and authentic vintage designer bags and accessories :)

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  1. This is very chic! ♥ Love this! Spiked baseball cap :"> ♥

  2. I love the whole outfit. so edgy yet sexy.=)



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