Escape to Warmer Climes this Easter: Men's Clothing Essentials

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With the arrival of Easter comes the potential for a last minute sojourn in hotter climes (a lot of that found in Cebu!). If you don’t have any suitable attire in your wardrobe for a stint in the sun, you can easily add some indispensables to your collection that wouldn’t look out of place in the Costas. Kit yourself out with some of the latest trends and pack some staple items that are as versatile as they are trendy. You don’t even need to worry aboutexcessive prices either – your local George at ASDA could be a saving grace, providing everything you need at rock bottom prices,  including:

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If you are happy to wear canvas shoes, these could be a perfect addition your suitcase. Versatile, comfortable and looking great, canvas shoes can be dressed up or down depending on your plans. The fabric upper means your feet will stay cool and aired, while they'd look great with shorts or linen trousers - perfect for a romantic walk along the beach with your loved one at sunset. Alternatively, take a look at the various flipflops on the market, which are ideal poolside if you plan to chill on a sun lounger during your break away from the norm. If you plan to partake in day excursions, be sure to pack some comfortable trainers or supportive shoes, so that your feet don't blister during the adventure. 

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Pack a couple of pairs of lightweight trousers for the milder evenings; linen trousers can be perfect for a relaxing evening, while a selection of shorts would be ideal for daytime activities. Swim shorts are essential if you're planning a dip in the pool, while chinos seem to be a popular trend this year. These versatile shorts can look amazing, whatever you wear. From print T-shirts to light short sleeve shirts, chinos are a multipurpose item that can go with anything. Pick up some casual shorts if you fancy them too, such as the checked casual shorts or the cargo camouflage shorts, both priced at £12 from George at ASDA.

Keep it simple with tops this year; the graphic print T shirts are bang on trend this spring and are perfect for a relaxing beach holiday. These flexible items give you attire for both evening and daytime activities – they would look just as cool in a cocktail bar as they would by the pool. Pack a lightweight jacket or hoody as well, just in case of mild evenings or light winds. Having one on hand, should the air get a little breezy, will mean a huge difference.

Ensure these basics are covered and you can’t really go far wrong on your holiday in the sun. Don’t forget the suncreen or the sunnies though – springtime sun can be a scorcher!

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  3. Very informative and helpful! I'll totally follow this one here


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