How We Wear: Giordano's Chambray Collection Shirts

1:44 AM

Both me and Rabsin wearing Giordano His and Hers Chambray shirts
Wearing a black police cap from Punk-X-Pretty | Hermes-inspired cuff from WAGW | hawk cuff from Nasty Gal | vintage Trussardi bag | Fossil Watch | thrifted leather paneled pants

All images shot by Thaad A Sabolboro

This isn't really one of those his-and-hers style blogs, but since me and my super good friend Rabsin both received nearly identical chambray shirts, and we were both attending the same event, we just couldn't resist going for a "couple" shoot!:)

Rabsin and I are both really honored to collaborate with Giordano Philippines for a styling challenge to celebrate their release of their Chambray Collection. I have been searching high and low for a crisp, perfectly tailored chambray shirt for awhile, so I was definitely pleased to have been given the good news.

Classic chambray shirts are synonymous to seasonless, timeless style. It goes along with the ranks of other closet staples, such as a crisp white shirt, black tailored blazer, and black skinnies in terms of wearability and versatility. Biases aside, you can seriously see the difference in the craftsmanship that goes with a Giordano chambray shirt--the material is extra soft yet remains crisp, the mother-of-pearl-like metallic buttons are extra sturdy, and overall, it just hangs and fits very well. I'm extra particular with fit when I invest in classic staples, so I know I got a winner with my shirt. I paired it with my favorite black pants and sneaker wedges for a simple, clean-cut look.

Before I wrap, I must send a special shout-out to my partner Thaad for being just amazing with the camera and for knowing how to manipulate the "magic hour" lighting oh so well. I've been receiving a lot of compliments with the "improved" pictures on my blog-- I have him to thank for everything.:)

Anyway, drop by any Giordano branch to get your own Chambray Collection shirt!:)

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  1. I still need Thaad to take a photo of me hahahah for an outfit post darling!!!

    I am so suya and bitter but happy that you have him hahahaha...


  2. Hahaha, sweet, I told you that we can do that anytime! Let's have a session soon!

    Anyway I'm sure nga imong boyfriend-in-training will take your photos pud in the future.. hahaha


  3. I love it! Great write up and photos! Kudos to you and Thaad. ILY!

  4. Nalingaw ko sa comment ni Ate Sweet. Hahaha.
    I enjoyed this post, E. Great writing, makes me wanna buy myself one!
    And love the couple shots. Hahaha! :))


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