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Since we're on the brink of summer and all of us are getting [extremely] body-conscious, I thought it would only be timely if I posted a few little exercise reminders!
Exercise is vital for a healthy lifestyle, but it need not be time-consuming. You can fit exercise and stretching into your daily routine without the effort of long slogs at the gym. Perfect for anyone with a few minutes to spare, take note of the following exercises and practice on a daily basis for an easier way to get fit in 2013.

Leg lifts:
Whilst chilling in the lounge, strengthen your leg muscles with these easy lifts. Sit on a sofa with legs out in front of you, heels touching the floor. Raise both legs together, keeping straight and hold for a count of five. Lower to the floor, and repeat several times. To make things more difficult, place a heavy book on your shins as you raise and hold your legs.

Simply increasing the pace of your walking can help improve aerobic fitness. If walking to work, set your alarm a little later – forcing you to up your pace! Make the most of your power-walking session by wearing the correct footwear. 
isme’s range of Skecher’s shape ups feature kinetix response technology and a soft foam midsole for support, stability and comfort.
Ad break activities:
The excitement of watching your fave reality TV show may get your heart racing, but it’s during the ad breaks that you can really start your blood pumping. Use this time to complete a quick burst of exercise. Tuck your feet under an armchair, cross your arms over your body and complete as many crunches as possible. Vary ad break exercises throughout the evening: press ups and squats are also great for quick bursts.Post-shower stretches:
Stretching your muscles can improve flexibility and provide a warm-up if power-walking to work. After a shower, apply your favourite body lotion and, whilst waiting for your skin to dry off, try a few simple stretches. Touch your toes and hold leg lunges to stretch lower muscles, and raise your arms to the ceiling, holding stretches to the right and left to work your upper body.

Exercise doesn’t always involve sweating it out with tons of effort. Mix up relaxation time with bursts of activity to improve fitness levels without all the hard work! Get fit and see your efforts pay off this summer!

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