Surviving Scarification

7:04 AM


Wearing a contrast blazer bought online | H&M black and white striped tank dress (similar here) | Fossil Watch, vintage MCM handbag | gifted shoes and skeleton cuff

photos by Thaad A Sabolboro

Scarification, by definition, is literally what the body experiences after receiving marks and wounds involving scratching, burning, and/or cutting into the skin. A term more popularly used for those practicing extreme body modifications, "scarification" can also be a term used for natural wounds and the process of their healing.

Since today is Good Friday, I thought it would only be appropriate to blog from within; and to stop and reflect about all the good, the bad, and the ugly. Though varying in severity and situations, I think all of us are survivors of some sort of personal turmoil, no matter what way, shape or form they may be. Over the years, we have amassed tons of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wounds-- and we have the battle scars to show for them. 

I am certainly not exempted from this. I have endured so much scarring from all sorts of wounds-some I brought on to myself, admittedly--that it's hard to cope and keep track of it all. Just this past year alone, it was such a ridiculous roller-coaster of extreme highs, and then extreme lows, and then back up again that I can't keep my emotions at bay in one place. I don't know if life will throw me a lemon, or a stone, in every corner I turn to--so naturally I've just braced myself for whatever good or bad comes around.

Despite of it all, something really good has emerged from all this stream of life challenges--a strengthened and renewed relationship with God. To anyone who asks, I will readily admit that I am not devout in practicing my religion. I don't go to church every Sunday, I cuss like a sailor, and I may have forgotten the bible basics I learned as a child. But what I DO have though is a one-to-one conversation with Him in my thoughts, an earnest faith that He will provide the strength I need to get by in this life, and a deep sense of hope that He will pave the way for the greatness (I'll try my best haha) that I'm meant to achieve for myself. No matter how bad and ugly it gets, He always sends in little signs of good that reminds me to hang on. It never fails to amaze me.

I'm proud to say that I have and will continue to survive scarification beautifully because of Him. Take the time to be thankful for the little things, especially today. Have a truly Good Friday!

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  1. Omyyy! This is awesome! Love your hair do! Amazing ♥ I can't wait to see you again on June 1! Btw, I already finished reviving my blog. It's back in action! :)) Love your outfit. Followed you already ♥



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