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Hey, guys! Sorry if I haven't been able to update for the past few days-- the busy holiday season is seriously kicking in and there's many, many things to do and family/company gatherings to attend. I wish I can split myself in half these days! :( And don't even get me started on the insane amount of traffic we're dealing with ... I guess it is already to be expected every year (it doesn't make it less sucky, though.).

I'll find some downtime to go through all I need to share with you (there's a LOT), but for the meantime, here's some items I recently acquired that I've certainly developed a soft spot for:

a) "Tatum" boots by Tonic Bags and Shoes- I've been a long-time fan of Tonic, and these boots went above and beyond my expectations. The quality is impressive for the price I paid for, and it's certainly made for hours of walking. The only con is it's a bit hard to remove, but other than that I'm not complaining. You can buy your Tatums here. You won't regret it.

b) Celine Trapeze Inspired-Bag by Persunmall - Don't let the "inspired" tag trick you into thinking that this bag is incredibly inferior, because it's not. The quality surprised me a huge deal, but I'll reserve my thoughts on a separate review. Using it quite heavily these days. Thank you, Persunmall! 

c)   studded and spiked knuckle clutch - This beauty is my favorite acquisition from the recently-concluded Bloggers United 6 (that I have to share, too!). Obviously inspired by the popular Alexander McQueen knuckle clutch, but with a lot more danger.This has to be my go-to holiday accessory-- you know, when I have to wear something "shiny" and "festive". This is probably the best I can do, lol. Buy similar here and here               

For more of my daily hits (and misses), hope you can follow me on Instagram! (@edeninthetropics)

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