DIY Again: Leather Trim Wrap Skirt and Outfit

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Back when I started my blog in mid-2009, good online fashion stores were few and far between, and money was very, very scarce. With very few options and with little to no money to burn, I resorted to two of my favorite things: doing fashion DIYS and thrifting. I did fun experiments such as a DIY knee-high boot spats, body harnesses, and more. Eventually I realized I wasn't as crafty as I ought, and I was getting steadily busier, so... there goes my dreams of being the next DIY diva! These days, I just stalk my favorite DIY blogs such as A Pair and A Spare and I Spy DIY to relive my fun DIY days in my head.

I was starting to get a wee bit obsessed with the wrap skirt trend when I saw this amazingly easy wrap skirt DIY tutorial  on Geneva's blog. I knew I just had to go back to my roots and try it out!

me and my stupidly crooked shades. LOL

DIY wrap skirt with leather trim, Forever 21 knit and mesh pullover, Charles and Keith bag, Tatum boots by Tonic, Creative Caprice chain necklace

all photos by Thaad Sabolboro

With the help of my other husband Yves Camingue (and his patient seamstress, lol), I was able to salvage scrap materials from his Look of Style 2013 Collection and turned it into an on-trend piece. You see, that's what I love about the art of DIYing-- you don't need a ton of money, just some time and your imagination.

Do you have any DIY stories? Items in your closet you've made yourself? Pray tell! Leave a comment below xx

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